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Naztech Turbo PB6
Friday, Feb 19, 2016
VALENCIA, CA - Following a strong showing at CES 2016, Naztech is ready to unleash some of  the innovations that debuted at the show.

VALENCIA, CA - Following a strong showing at CES 2016, Naztech is ready to unleash some of

the innovations that debuted at the show. Among them is one that has sparked much

excitement in the wireless accessories industry: the Naztech Turbo PB6.

The specs on the Turbo PB6 are impressive, and boast to be the most powerful portable battery

on the market. With a maximum 8A output across six ports, and a 12500mAh capacity it

certainly achieves that. This means that the PB6 can simultaneously rapid charge six iPhones

from being completely drained to full on a single battery charge. With all of that in mind, it still

remains completely compact and portable, fitting easily inside your small bag or center console.

“This power bank is different. We used complex transistors that are normally found in high-end

ultrabooks to regulate power like nothing this industry has ever seen before,” remarked Max

Levy, the Head of Research and Development at Naztech. “The result is a power bank that truly

communicates with your devices and gives them the most optimized rapid charge while still

providing every type of industry protection possible.”

“With a 3A input, the PB6 recharges 300% faster than a standard power bank, and is ready for

USB-C input; just another example of our forward thinking and pioneering innovation,” said

Ryan Ikari, VP of Business Development. “We wanted to give people a power bank that takes

less time charging so they could spend more time focusing on their lives instead of the battery

life on their phone and not hoard the power but also have enough to share. We’ve all played the

game ‘What percent are you at?’”

Max Levy brought me into his department to show me some new charging technology Naztech

has been recently implementing, which they call Smart Chip Technology. “Nowadays it’s not just

enough to have something that’s powerful and foolproof; users today want a device that thinks

for them, hence the name ‘Smart Chip Technology’. Smart Chip quickly communicates with the

connected device and determines the exact charging speed needed for an optimized charging

experience. This gives users the ideal charge no matter what type of phone, tablet, or digital

accessory they’re connecting to. It can do this for all six ports at once. It really is a miracle


Naztech has also introduced new safety standards in the wireless accessories industry;

featuring a program that guarantees every type of protection in the industry called OmniProtect.

Omniprotect provides overcurrent protection, input overvoltage protection, power overload

recovery, battery cell protection, overcharge protection, output current stabilization, short-circuit

protection, and temperature resistance. The PB6 also undergoes several rounds of testing and

certification in a state of the art laboratory before it’s released to the public

“Our products are in the top tier and our quality control is the highest in the marketplace. After

all, what’s the use of us providing the most powerful portable battery and having it fail when you

need it most? We’re hoping that other wireless accessory companies take notice and follow our

lead,” said company CEO David Nazar. “This technology can truly provide the most rapid

charge possible while providing the best safety features available; protecting your investment in

your device. For now, we may be the only ones in the industry putting this much effort into our

quality control and manufacturing process.

“We wanted to show how innovative this technology was, so we needed a really hot design. We

thought ‘What screams sexy, yet also innovative?” remarked Ryan Ikari. “We immediately

thought of Ferrari, which is why the Turbo PB6 has that sleek black and red design and feels

right at home with both tech and fashion lovers alike”

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