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Alloy Earphones Master Music + Phone Calls
Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017

Here's some sound advice. Never let a stranger put anything into your ears-- which is exactly what happens when wired earphones yank from your ears in the middle of a workout. Suddenly plucked from a world of blissful jams and the sound of your own breathing, you're trust into a dismal dimension of creatine grunts and hardcore housebeats. Not so with wireless earphones.

Wireless earphones really come into their own when you're working up a sweat. They're great for running and biking, and drop-dead awesome when you're lifting or doing circuits at the gym. Of course you'll want a decent pair: Earphones that stay firmly in the ears, stand up to your copious sweat, have a decent battery life and, oh yeah, it'd be nice if they sounded incredible-- a richly balanced hi-fi and dynamic bass to keep up with your rhythm.

Naztech's Alloy advanced magnetic wireless earphones come with all-of-the-above.

Sit Tight

Equipped with vented sport fins that provide a secure, comfortable fit, they keep the phones in place. Alloy's buds nest comfortably in the ear canals, piping your favorite jams with impeccable sound while you get shredded.

The sleek metal earbuds are actually crafted airplane aluminum alloy (hence the name) sound chambers, delivering the superior acoustics your training craves.

High Tech Couture

Also, if you're suddenly interrupted by, say, someone who wants to know how much longer you'll be on that machine, just pause the music by simply connecting the magnetic buds. When Mr. Space Invader leaves, the tunes will be right where you left off. it's the little things.

This cool feature cannot be overstated. Naztech has just released a new Magnetic Sensor patent pending technology that's taken wireless to the next level. attach the magnetic earbuds together, the tunes pause; detach them, they resume.

But the same goes for phone calls! Say you're putzing around with the buds locked around your neck in power-down mode, when you get a call. Rather than dig for the phone, simply separate the magnetic buds and start talking. To hang up, reattach.

If you're in the middle of a workout, pumping away to tunes, when the call comes in, just use the inline remote to switch to phone. Alloy's Clear Voice Capture noise-cancellation feature will filter out the rowdy crowd, ensuring a crystal clear conversation without having to leave your machine.

Sweat Bullets

Alloy's earbuds are well-sealed, too, and can hold up to hours and hours of shvitz-fests, which is an added bonus considering their high quality, extensive features and wallet-friendly price.

Keep the Juices Flowing

The Alloy has five hours of battery life, which will keep you going for a good three-day stretch before you need to recharge. I also found its remote to be extremely intuitive without overwhelming me with options.

Even if you still have a 3.5-mm headphone jack (the next probably won't), there's no good reason for you to put off picking up a pair of Alloy wireless earphones right away. With just a few clicks you can get yourself a pair on Amazon for just $69.99 (almost a Benjamin less than the competition)-- in two days with Prime!

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