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Making It a Merry iPhone X(-mas) – Top Ten Christmas Gift Guide
Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

If you’re thinking there’s nothing you can get your special someone for Christmas after they’ve already fetched that iPhone X for themselves, allow me to set you straight, Kimosabe.

One of the best things about having an iPhone X is now there’s suddenly a plethora of new, interesting accessories for it. The sheer variety out there is so astounding, the question is not, “Should I get one?” but rather, “Which one(s) should I get?’

In this iPhone X owners’ gift guide, I’ve assembled some awesome Naztech products that run the gamut from fun and functional, to downright vital. I’ve also tried to keep it spread over a wide range of budgetary comfort levels.  You won’t be able to help finding something perfect for that so-and-so. So, here we go.

If your loved one is a certifiable klutz and public danger, protection is the best gift that’ll keep on giving (for all of us, man) and if the giftee doesn’t already have it, you may even consider giving it to them as an EARLY Christmas present.

Premium HD iPhone X Screen Protector

For as a much as a phone is in people’s hands all day and night, it’s no surprise there are so many  incidents of breakage-- and a wonder there aren’t more. And as the iPhone X’s thousand-dollar face is all screen, it’s just begging for someone to take a crack at it.  Designed specifically for the X, Naztech’s Premium Tempered Glass is the ultimate armor for the screen. Its deceptively ultra-thin window is actually constructed of SIX layers of drop-scratch-shatter-proof Japanese Asahi Glass, custom-made to accommodate Apple's pressure-based 3D Touch Technology and perfectly mimicking bare screen accuracy. $39.99 MSRP.

Hybrid iPhone X Cases

Protecting the glass alone isn’t going to save the phone from all of life’s surprises. Naztech’s Hybrid Cases expose the iPhone X’s sexy curves and ultra-slim aesthetic, while delivering the most rugged, replete defense out there. Form-fitting and featherweight, these cases combine high-grade polycarbonate fused to a supple, shock-absorbing TPU core, providing off-the-chart protection from bumps, drops, scrapes, dings and damage. The Hybrid collection comes in a variety of compelling and seasonal designs as well as two stylish series: the Edge, a minimalist portrait of bright bumpers framing the perimeter of a clear, see-through back panel; and the Texture, an artistic divergence of color and composition that enhances both touch and grip. $24.99 MSRP.

Xtra Drive Mini

You don’t have to be Jason Bourne to desperately need to recoup your memory, like, now. Designed for the iPhone X and other newer Apple devices, the Xtra Drive Mini is a high-speed, thumb-sized Micro SD card reader that instantly stores and transfers photos, videos and music, without the Cloud. Equipped with an MFi Lighting connector, USB connector and memory card slot, the plug-and-play reader can store up to 72 hours of video (plays directly from the device), 170,000 photos or 74,000 songs when upgraded to its 256GB capacity (it comes with a 16GB card). Weighing in at only 8 grams and sporting a keychain, the Mini is a natural traveler in your pocket or laptop bag, ready in a moment’s notice. $59.99 MSRP.

Alloy Wireless Earphones

If your beneficiary is a gym junkie, then these Alloy wireless earphones are the ticket for your stocking stuffer. These sleek, hermetically-sealed earbuds remain impervious to sweatfests, stay firmly in the ears, stay charged ‘til the cows come home and, oh yeah, they sound incredible: Rich studio-quality acoustics and dynamic bass that’ll keep up with your Spin Head’s rhythm. As an added bonus, the buds also serve as music and phone controls, able to connect and disconnect with a simple magnetic click. Tell them it’s so they can get shredded while listening to Slash shred. See if they get it. $69.99 MSRP.

3-Pack Safety Essentials Car Kit

The iPhone X is such a dazzling doodad, it’s inherently unsafe to have in the car unsupervised. That’s why Naztech’s 3-Pack Safety Essentials Car Kit is such a great gift for the friend who can’t keep their hands off of it. Included in the package are:

MagBuddy Air Vent Mount which firmly secures the iPhone X at eye level and easy reach for navigation, hands-free calling and music control.

Dual USB Car Charger with 4.8A max. output that rapidly charges two devices simultaneously.

Heavy-duty Certified MFi Lightning® Cable to keep your X juiced to the gills through even the longest road trips.

The magnetic mount is so strong, it firmly holds GPS devices, MP3 players-- even tablets-- and mounts to the vent without any arms, legs or brackets, so it won’t snag cables or block ports or buttons. Your friend will thank you. Hell, so will everyone else on the road. $39.99 MSRP.

Braided MFi Lightning Charge and Sync Cable

The ultra-durable Apple-certified MFi Lightning cable alone makes for an excellent stocking stuffer. Built for all-day, every-day use, the thickly braided 4’ cable is an excellent “techcessory” for charging even the most robust devices. Super-sturdy and reinforced, it’s guaranteed not to get into any mishaps like tangling or frying the phone. Comes in black, gold or rose gold. At $29.99 MSRP each, get all three. They’ll look great on the holiday mantle.

SOLO Battery Pack and Wall Charger

Nobody likes running out of juice. Buy your loved one this battery pack and there’ll always be juice in the house. The Naztech SOLO portable battery and wall charger is the ultimate combination of power and mobility. This robust, little power bank-- equipped with foldable wall prongs and 5200mAh internal battery-- keeps devices powered and running all day, whether you’re near a plug or out in the wild. Its 3A rapid input and pass-through charging features ensure that, when connected to an AC outlet, not only does SOLO recharge 3 times faster than standard portable batteries, it can also rapid-charge 2 USB devices at the same time. $69.99 MSRP.

VOLT Power Station

Your “X friend” can live off the grid for a very long time with the 30,000mAh powerhouse Volt. Besides having USB 3.0, Quick Charge 3.0 and USB-C ports, the portable power plant also comes equipped with a very handy AC outlet, perfect for pumping 85-watts of fresh juice into a laptop or other personal device when away from a wall plug (can you say, “tailgate party?”). The QC 3.0 port charges 4 times faster than standard and the USB-C port delivers lightning-fast 5V/3A output to the likes of a Macbook. Shockingly lightweight for the punch it throws, the compact Volt is ready to be tossed into a bag taken to the latest adventure. $199.99 MSRP.

XJ-500 Wireless Headphones

If your guy or gal spends a lot of time in planes, trains or the Barcalounger, then these over-the-ear, noise-cancelling BT headphones would be a great accoutrement to their iPhone X. Housing 40mm neodymium drivers, the XJ-500 produces excellent, studio-quality sound with a distinct separation of treble, midrange and bass. Charged and wireless, these cans will keep on truckin’ for up to 20 hours with a crisp Bluetooth 4.1 connection at up to 33 feet. Or, they also come with an aux cable if they just want to tune in, turn on and plug in. Adorned with plush memory-foam pads and swivel cups for packing away, the XJ-500 will easily replace anyone else as the Favorite Traveling Buddy.

SoundBrick Wireless Speaker

On the other hand, if your designated beneficiary is inclined to share the love like John Cusack in ‘Say Anything…’ the SoundBrick Bluetooth speaker’s the way to go. This portable 30-watt speaker pumps massive stereo sound and is built brick-solid to stay tough indoors, outdoors, in rain, shine or poolside next to a dweeb doing a cannonball. Fully loaded with 5 dynamic drivers, 2 passive bass radiators, 2 acoustic tweeters and 1 whoa-dang subwoofer, the SoundBrick is armed to wirelessly party hearty, loud n’ proud, for 16 full hours. Equipped to stream music and take hands-free phone calls up to 30 feet away from the device, it’ll definitely turn heads at your buddy’s epic shindigs. $99.99 MSRP.


Whichever Naztech iPhone X accessory you go with, you’ll get a gift that’ll make your friend feel like he’s gotten his new phone all over again. Only you didn’t have to cough up ten Benjamins to do it.

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