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10 Tech Gifts That Make "Practical" Cool
Friday, Jan 19, 2018
Remember when you were a kid and you got that unsolicited “practical”

Remember when you were a kid and you got that unsolicited “practical” present? A shirt.  A dictionary. Tighty whities?  They might just as well have given you gift-wrapped liver and Brussels sprouts. Thankfully, practical became more gratifying as we got older. So, here’s a collection of sensible-- but sexy-- accessories assembled as proof that practical doesn’t mean buzzkill.

1.       Power Hub 7

For a household with lots of devices, the daily ritual of charging can get real old, real fast. Tangled cords, outlet shortages, ugly power bars-- there's only one way to stop the madness, and that’s not chucking your gadgets out the window. The sleek, dynamic Power Hub from Naztech is the epitome of practical: seven USB charging ports in seven docking stations that can simultaneously nest and charge seven devices within one extremely diminutive desktop footprint (about the size of a book), all taking up just one outlet. The ports output different amounts of power-- two lightning-fast Adaptive Fast Charge, two tablet-friendly 2.4A and three standard 1A—with the devices perched upright as they juice up. Both AFC ports are also backwards compatible for 2.0/1.0, and deliver 2.4A output to non-AFC USB devices. Plus, all ports are equipped with smart technology which assures that each device gets the speediest, most efficient charge possible. Affordable and aesthetic, it’s a Plugapalooza! for the whole family. $99.99 MSRP.

2.       Premium HD Screen Protector

For as often as a phone sits in someone’s manic hands every day, it’s no surprise there are so many incidents of breakage-- and a wonder there aren’t more. And as most new, top-selling phones are all-screen, they’re just begging for someone to take a crack at ‘em. Designed specifically for the most recent iPhone and Galaxy smartphones, Naztech’s HD Tempered Glass offers the ultimate armor for the screen. Its deceptively ultra-thin window is constructed of SIX layers of drop-scratch-shatter-proof Japanese Asahi Glass  and a touch-screen technology that perfectly mimics bare screen accuracy. So, if there’s a friend or family member that’s a certifiable klutz and public danger (bless their heart), here’s the best practical gift that’ll keep on giving and save a lot of Benjamins, to boot. $34.99 MSRP.

3.       Volt Power Station | AC Outlet

Your bud could survive off the grid for a very long time with the 27,000mAh powerhouse Volt. Besides sporting THREE USB ports-- USB 3.0, Adaptive Fast Charge and USB-C-- this portable power plant comes with a game-changing AC outlet, perfect for pumping 85-watts of fresh juice into a laptop or other personal device while away from a wall plug (can you say, “tailgate?”). The AFC port charges 4 times faster than standard USB and the USB-C port will deliver lightning-fast 5V/3A output to even the likes of a Macbook. Shockingly lightweight, the compact Volt is ready to be tossed into a travel bag, briefcase or backpack, and taken on the latest trip or bugout. $199.99 MSRP.

4.       SOLO Battery Pack + Wall Charger

 Buy them this battery pack and there’ll always be juice in the house. The Naztech SOLO portable battery and wall charger is the ultimate combination of power and mobility. This robust, little power bank-- equipped with foldable wall prongs and 5200mAh internal battery-- keeps devices powered and running all day, whether you’re near a plug or out in the wild. Its 3A rapid input and pass-through charging features ensure that, when connected to an AC outlet, not only will SOLO recharge 3 times faster than standard portable batteries, it can also rapid-charge 2 USB devices at the same time. $69.99 MSRP.

 Braided 3-in-1 USB Cables

That drawer full of accumulated USB cables is all but obsolete now that the Micro USB, Lightning and USB-C formats rolled into town with their tiny connectors and (in the case of C and Lightning) smugly fast transfer speeds. Being given a new USB cable, though, is about as exciting as getting compression socks, which is why this industrial 6-foot, 3-way hybrid cable makes such a great gift. It’s thickly braided and incredibly bendable, so it will last forever, and it quickly converts into the connection format you need in a heartbeat. Compatible with all smartphones (including Blackberry), tablets, notebooks, wireless headphones and speakers, cameras, gaming consoles, and all other mobile devices, the 3-in-1 eliminates the hassle of multiple, tangled cables and premium storage space where you keep all the others. $29.99 MSRP

6.       3-Pack Safety Essentials Car Kit

In a nutshell, this kit’s prime directive is to keep the driver completely safe and connected in the car at all times. The auto-centric bundle, for Android or iOS, comes with a MagBuddy Air Vent Mount, a rapid-charge dual USB car charger and a heavy-duty charging cable-- everything the mobile traveler needs for commutes and road trips with ne’er a care about recharging, scrambling for a phone or tearing eyes off the road for map directions.

  • ü  MagBuddy Air Vent Mount which firmly secures the iPhone X at eye level and easy reach for navigation, hands-free calling and music control.
  • ü  Dual USB Car Charger with 4.8A max. output that rapidly charges two devices simultaneously.
  • ü  Heavy-duty Certified MFi Lightning® Cable to keep your X juiced to the gills through even the longest road trips.

The magnetic base firmly holds GPS devices, MP3 players-- even tablets-- and mounts to the vent without any arms, legs or brackets, so it won’t snag cables or block ports or buttons. Your friend will thank you. Hell, so will everyone else on the road.

7.     Hybrid PC + TPU Phone Cases

Top-of-the-line smartphones are like fast cars and hot women. They’re complicated, easy on the eyes and way out of your buddy’s budget. But now that he has one (I’m talking about the phone—as if), all you can do is help them keep it in the style to which it’s accustomed and not leave them somewhere high and dry.

When you’re buying for one of the hottest new phones on the market, you can’t cover it up with just any case. It deserves protection that doesn’t skimp on style. The Hybrid Collection showcases the smartphone’s natural beauty and preserves its ultra-slim aesthetic while providing the highest level of edge-to-edge protection. This form-fitting and lightweight case blends a durable hard shell exterior with a soft, shock and impact-absorbing layer for superior protection from the everyday dangers of bumps, drops, scrapes, dings, and damage. A raised bezel around the perimeter helps protect the screen whenever the phone is laid flat while pressure and touch responsive polyurethane protects the volume and power buttons from dust and scratches. You may not be able to help your friend with his taste in cars or women, but you can definitely run interference with the phone.

REV Portable Battery with LCD Digital Display

A hot, new sought-after feature in mobile these days is Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC), a smart technology that adjusts the voltage output throughout the entire battery charging cycle. Not only does this process charge a device lightning fast, it also prolongs the life of the battery.  The Naztech REV houses 26800mAh of rapid charging power, more than enough to satisfy the most power-ravenous gear in your friend’s arsenal. It comes with dual AFC ports that can charge two devices simultaneously at the fastest speeds possible. Whether it’s for Micro USB, Lightning, USB-C, or AFC-compatible gear, the REV can simultaneously charge two devices multiple times up to 4X faster than standard chargers. And, unlike other portable power banks, it can recharge its internal battery at the same time as charging another device. Conveniently compact and lightweight, the sleek REV is a low-maintenance travel companion and can easily slip into a backpack, travel bag or purse.

9.       MagBuddy Headrest Mount

Practical gifts are great, but when they can silence rugrats in the back of the car, they’re something beyond human words. So, that’s why I’m thinking, if your friend’s got a carload, they’ll love this compact headrest mount by Naztech. This universally-compatible, magnetic mount can effortlessly secure even the largest tablet to any vehicle’s headrest, turning the back seat into a multimedia home theater at the fraction of the cost of a built-in a headrest monitor. And at $19.99 MSRP, you should probably get two, or there’ll be a whole other kettle of fish back there.

10.   Xtra Drive Mini

There’s practical and then there’s Practical—a higher plane of “function that matters” in our everyday world. The Xtra Drive Mini fulfills this latter status, liberating its user into a cloud-free world of endless memory, ceaseless entertainment and boundless scrapbooks. A pretty profound claim for such diminutive gear (about the size of a thumb), but this Mini SD micro card reader does just that, with the potential of harboring up to 256GG of memory, and able to store, transport and share up to 170,000 photos, 74,000 songs, or even play 72 hours of video with a simple plug-and-play action. There’s high risk that such a device could quickly become habitual for frequent travelers, foodies, photographers, students, teachers, active families and cat owners, alike. Your giftee may not specifically thank you for enhancing their life beyond anything else they ever experienced, but you’ll both know the truth. $59.99 MSRP.

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