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Valentine's Day Isn't Just About Chocolates
Thursday, Feb 8, 2018
Gifts for the techie in your life.

So, what’s your plan for Valentine’s Day this year? Roses? Original. Homemade coupons for free massages? Whoa there, Moneybags. A weekend getaway with your brother, his wife and their two kids?  Um, sure, go with that.

Valentine’s Day might be for lovers, but that doesn’t mean the gift needs to be something that begs for mandatory swooning, gazing, spooning or canoodling. So, we at Naztech put together a few customized lists of tech-inspired ideas to make this Valentine’s Day more fun for the recipient. Not to mention, something they’ll use every day and remember how you feel about them.


Xtra Drive Mini

Nothing gears them up for love like capturing, storing and reliving your memories together, so keep the fire alive with the Xtra Drive Mini, Naztech’s high-speed Micro SD card reader for the iPhone and other Apple devices. Capable of instantly stowing and sharing up to 256GB of content, the powerful, thumb-sized Mini can hold up to 170,000 photos or 72 video hours of you laughing, kissing, hugging, standing in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, splashing each other on the beach, watching sunsets and toasting white wine glasses. You can even play ‘The Notebook’ movie over and over, again on your iPad, directly from the Mini.

Hello Gorgeous and REV Chargers

What does a power bank say as a Valentine’s present to your sweetheart? It says you care enough to never let her get stranded without a lifeline. It says she can always reach out to you, wherever she is. It says you are comfortable with her having the power because, let’s face it, she does. The Hello Gorgeous Phone Charger Compact is the perfect gift for the Instagraming fashionista on the go. Housed in the sleek black case is a 4,000mAh portable battery that can charge her smartphone 1.5 times, so she doesn’t have to find a wall plug on the fly. Also, open the case and there’s a compact mirror for her to take stock and touch up for the next pout shot. She’ll love the stylish solution to having her phone keep up with her all day! However, if she’s the type to burn through a battery faster, or if she keeps more than one device with her (say, an iPad), then the REV is the way to go. Packed with a whopping 26,400mAh, this sophisitcated portable battery comes with lightning speed, multiple ports that can simultaneously fast-charge two devices, an LCD readout that shows how much “gas is left in the tank,” and can even charge other gear while the charger’s charging. This’ll definitely get you some “oooohs” and “aaaaahs”, my friend.

 Alloy Magnetic Wireless Earphones

If your paramour’s a bona fide cardio bunny, you should get her something that exponentially enhances her sweatfests (hint: a fitness tracker does NOT send the message you want). Alloy Earphones are the ticket. Engineered with advanced wireless technology, Alloy’s sleek aircraft aluminum ear gear combines amazing stereo sound with a rugged sport-fin design that keep the ‘phones snugly in her ear pretty, flushed ears, impervious to sweat and dust. Even cooler, she can control her music and phone calls with a simple click of her magnetic buds. Just remember, though, if she isn’t taking your call, it’s not because she doesn’t love you. It’s because she loves her Alloys.


SoundBrick Wireless Speaker

If there’s one thing that every red-blooded guy loves to do is crank up the music and sing along, top of his lungs, competing with the pitch. Especially when they’re in the shower, cleaning the flat or getting dressed. That’s why the SoundBrick is the perfect way to get to the big lug’s heart. This massive-sounding stereo speaker is completely wire-free, able to be taken room to room, out back, in the garage and by the pool. Packed to party, this gale-force 30-watt speaker includes 5 dynamic drivers, 2 passive bass radiators, 2 acoustic tweeters and 1 bone-shaking subwoofer—guaranteed to fill his world. With 16 hours of playtime on a single charge, it’s statistically inevitable he’ll sing “Sexy and I Know It” at least once in tune.

i9 Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones

You like Downton Abbey, Sex and the City and Outlander. He likes Dexter, The Walking Dead and Mindhunter. More than anything, though, you love being together. What are two star-crossed binge-watchers to do? The solution is, get him a pair of premium i9 Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones. So, while he’s transfixing on horrible zombie shows with chewed limbs and spiked bats on his tablet or laptop, you can bathe in the amour of kilts, bodices and noble steeds on the flat screen, together and happy at last. The i9 headphones deliver rich, crystal clear sound—be it music, shows, or a phone call—while completely shutting out external ambient noises, such as, say, a saucy dowager taking snipes at the help. The NoiseHush technology is so awesome, in fact, your man could lay there in total silence, oblivious to your sighs and sniffles as the soft memory foam cup gently hug his head. He will love his new noise-cancelling i9 wireless headphones, and you’ll both love that binging means never having to say you’re sorry.

MagBuddy 3-pc. Safety Essentials Car Kit

If Bae spends beaucoup time in the beemer (or other ride)— commuting, road trips, business, etc.—this slick car mount/charging ensemble is absolutely the way to go. First, the MagBuddy Air Vent Mount firmly secures the phone at an easy reach, so he can safely work navigation, phone calls and music without having to dig for it or hold it while driving. Second, the Dual USB Charger fast charges the phone and an optional second device (such as a tablet, or your phone), simultaneously. And third, the included heavy-duty cable keeps the gear juiced always, regardless of how much you use it, or how long the trip. It’s everything he’ll need to be a fully-functional mobile traveler on the road and come back safe to you.


It’s in the nature of every mom to juggle, and it’s amazing how much she can maneuver in one trip from her car to the door, all for the cause of not having to make two trips: Her purse, keys, shopping bags, the mail, charging cable, the mace, her phone. It would be funny and/or awe-inspiring, if it wasn’t so knuckle-biting to watch that phone always one step away from certain death. Which is why, this Valentine’s Day, you need to get Mom protection for that mobile. And here’s just the thing:

Premium HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If Mom’s got an iPhone or a relatively new Samsung Galaxy, she’ll really appreciate this top-grade screen armor for her phone. Made of multiple layers of ultra-thin Japanese Asahi glass—with a top-of-the-scale 9H hardness rating—this awesome shield renders the screen impervious to drops, impacts, scratches and shatters, without sacrificing touch sensitivity or performance. Easy to apply and as perfectly custom-fit to the phone as a second skin, the Screen Protector will be there to take the hit for bad juggling for years.

Hybrid PC+TPU Case for iPhone X

Should su madre be the proud owner of a new iPhone X, consider double-downing on her phone’s protection with one of the hot, new 2018 Hybrid PC+TPU cases from Naztech. These stylish, form-fitting covers combine a tough hard shell with a soft, shock-absorbent layer for maximum protection against all the drops, bumps and dings life dishes out. And, since they’re dirt, dust, stain and scratch resistant, they’ll just keep on looking gorgeous. Visit Naztech and check out all the chichi styles.

Braided Hybrid 3-in-1 Hybrid USB Cable

Should Mom be a bit (can we say?) challenged in the area of keeping her devices and charging cables straight, and it seems like every time you walk in the room, she’s intensely contemplating the connector and the port, we recommend picking her up one of these handy-dandy hybrid cables. This convenient, adaptive solution provides a plug for all USB-C, Lightning® and Micro USB-compatible devices, so whenever she reaches for this cable, she’s got the right one. All it takes is a quick, seamless switch from one connector to another. A generous 6-ft. long, the braided, tangle-free cable is five times as strong as standard cords and built for daily torture. Plus, she’ll be getting the fastest and most reliable charge possible, every time. Now she’ll have more time for you to explain FaceTime to her. 

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