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Great Gear For Mom On Her Special Day!
Monday, May 7, 2018

What can we say, Mom? Your experimental casseroles… your tireless shuttling to piano, ballet and soccer… all those character voices you use when you read us stories… your persistence in capturing every moment in pictures-- from birthdays to boo-boo’s. You drive us crazy, Mom, and we wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.


That’s why Naztech has got the perfect gift for all Moms out there, something to complement the gifts and interests every Mom possesses. Take a look at some of the ideas we’ve come up with the perfect gift for your own unique, special mother:


For the Apple-owning Mom who leaves everyone in the dust when it comes to tech, gizmos and gear, the Xtra Drive Mini is an awesome accessory she’ll get tons of mileage out of every day.  Custom-made for her new iPhone and/or iPad, the Mini is a thumb-sized, high-speed Micro SD card reader, capable of holding up to 256GB of portable storage—that’s 170,000 photos, 72,000 songs or 72 hours of video! Extraordinarily simple, powerful, handy and pocket-friendly, the plug-n-play Mini allows her to transfer files and data instantly while totally bypassing the need for the cloud. It also comes with a free app that greatly simplifies backing up and transferring files, and frees up space on her device. And when she needs her fix, Mom can binge-watch her favorite downloaded shows straight from the Mini wherever she damn well pleases. End of discussion.



It’s a tad unnerving to have a Mom who’s all about health and exercise and nutrition and kale. Running around in tights and tanks, fueled with a caffeine-free, high-octane metabolism like a cover girl from Shape, she runs the home with spin-class efficiency and keeps everyone thinking twice before reaching for the cheese puffs. What to get such a kinetic matriarch for Mother’s Day? Glad you asked! Alloy Advanced Magnetic Wireless Headphones are the perfect accoutrement for your loving fitnessista. Designed to take on hours of sweaty circuits and lunge-a-paloozas, these sleek aircraft aluminum ear buds sound incredible, delivering lush stereo acoustics and a dynamic bass that’ll keep up with Mom. The in-ear headphones also employ original technology that lets her pause and resume the music with a simple magnetic click. Attach the magnetic ear buds together, the tunes pause; detach them they resume. The same goes for phone calls: the phone rings, just detach the buds and start talking, filtering out the crowd and ensuring a crystal-clear conversation without missing a beat on the machine. She’ll love her Alloys!  Sorry, we can’t help you with the kale.



She’s on the road, off the grid, in the wind—she’s Mom, doing her Mom things. When asked for her address, she replies, “what time?” Between the yoga, the shopping, the Mommy & Me’s, the kid drop-offs and pick-ups, she’s on the smartphone, on the tablet,  talking, Face Timing, booking appointments, navigating, listening to her vintage 90’s jams. And as all this goes down, it’s crucial she stays connected (because, as we all know, the moment she isn’t, everything falls apart). Good thing you got her the 18W USB-C PD + Adaptive Fast Charge PortableBattery. Packed with a massive 13400mAh capacity and multiple ports, she’s able to charge up to three devices at once, multiple times-- at full speed—and not just phones and tablets! Thanks to the miracle of Power Delivery, she can even safely charge her laptop and any other wireless device with a USB port. Did I say fast? How about an iPhone X from 0-50% in a mere half hour? And built with a sleek, compact casing, the USB-C PD + Adaptive Charge battery easily slips into Mom’s bag so she has access to the power everywhere she goes. Like she’d have it any other way.


Living with Mom is like witnessing a spectacular juggling act every day, particularly when she’s behind the wheel. Between making calls, touching up make-up, navigating the satellite radio, plugging in her phone charger and taking toys away from the perpetually fighting twins, she performs feats that would make Cirque de Soleil people green with envy. Time to give Mom a break with the 3-Pack Safety Essentials Car Kit, an awesome phone mount/charger set that vastly simplifies the connected motorist’s driving experience while making everyone else in the car (stop posting goodbye videos on Facebook) breathe a sigh of relief. With models for both Apple and Android, the kit includes:
·         A MagBuddy Air Vent Mount that firmly secures Mom’s smartphone at eye level, and at an easy reach for hands-free calling, music control and navigation
·         A high-speed Dual USB Car Charger that replenishes two wireless devices, simultaneously
·         A heavy-duty charging cable that will keep the phone or other USB-enabled gear fully charged throughout her time on the road.
The Safety Essential Kit is designed to keep Mom completely safe and connected in the car at all times, while providing her with everything she needs for shuttles, commutes and road trips, without stressing about low batteries, scrambling for a ringing phone or tearing eyes off the road for map directions. Besides smartphones, the MagBuddy’s magnetic base also holds GPS devices, MP3 players-- even tablets-- and mounts to the vent without any arms, legs or brackets, so it won’t snag cables or block ports or buttons. Your mom will thank you. So will everyone else in the car.


If your mom’s a proud iPhone X owner, here’s a sweet gift that will make her phone POP (but in a good way). Naztech has just released its Spring Series of Hybrid PC + TPU Phone Cases, including an attractive selection of flower and art designs, one of which she is sure to love. The Hybrid Collection’s minimalist style will show off Mom’s iPhone X’s natural shape and beauty, while at the same time, provide maximum, full-body protection that shields it from all the daily dings, drops and whoops she can dole out. Engineered with a dual layer of armor, the Hybrid phone case blends a durable, solid outer shell with a soft, shock and impact-absorbing core. When you think about it, the Hybrid phone case is just like Mom-- beautiful, impervious to resistance and mushy inside. She’ll love it.ybrid phone case is just like Mom

ybrid phone case is just like Mom


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