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TRiO USB-C PD - Charge Your Laptop On the Road
Thursday, Mar 22, 2018

Signs and wonders.

It wasn’t that long ago, I had to plug a bulky power inverter in my SUV’s’s cigarette lighter so I could charge my laptop on road trips. Not only was it a major pain in the keister to set up, it also got disturbingly hot when charging-- and it took forever. Then three things occurred that made all of that go away:

1.       USB Type-C happened.

2.       Laptops started adopting USB-C

3.       USB Power Delivery happened.

Why USB-C and WTH is PD?

Type-C is the next-generation industry-standard USB format. It’s the most universally accepted format for mobile devices-- already adopted by Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Samsung (which pretty much covers it)-- and expected to power future devices for years to come. What sets it apart from the rest?

·         It can channel immense power, more so than previous USB formats.

·         It can be a conduit for both data and charging.

·         Its ports can serve as either host or device.

Compare that with the earlier-released Lightning and MagSafe formats, which had very limited adoption outside of Apple and (because of USB-C) will soon be obsolete.

USB PD (Power Delivery), on the other hand, is a charging technology that utilizes the USB-C cables and ports to dispatch a broad spectrum of power to mobile devices, from smartphones and tablets to, yes, laptops.

Triple Whammy

Taking the leap even further, Naztech just launched its TRiO USB-C PD 27W Car Charger, a triple-ported powerhouse that fast-charges 3 devices simultaneously, including a Type-C laptop! The TRiO’s built-in PD cable delivers a super-fast 27 watts to PD-compatible devices, while the two USB-A ports drive 2.4A of high-speed charging power to non-PD mobile gear. The TRiO was designed to work with all USB-powered devices, from iPhone to Android, tablets, GoPro cameras, wireless speakers, headphones, wearables and more. Whatever USB-powered gear you’re carrying, TRiO’s got you covered.

Custom Power

The compact TRiO also comes equipped with Smart Chips that detect each mobile device’s charging needs, and then automatically adjust the power to the fastest and most efficient charge possible. An OmniProtect feature also moderates the power output to prevent mishaps like short-circuiting, overcharging or detonation.

Built To Last

The sleek, solid TRiO is encased in a heavy-duty, glossy black housing with illuminated USB ports and a bright blue LED light to let you know the juice is flowing. It comes with an 8-ft. coiled extension cable, perfect for charging the device out of the way, even in the backseat if desired.

The TRiO USB-C PD 27W Car Charger is available at, $39.99 MSRP.

And while we’re on the subject, if anyone wants to buy a warm, used power inverter, let me know.

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