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Gears Gone Wild
Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018
Spring Break is here again, this party is on, and it’s going to be lit, fam.

Spring Break is here again, this party is on, and it’s going to be lit, fam.

Or, is it? Cause, things could get tragic if you’re not bringin’ it-- the gear, that is, the stuff that makes the difference between a sick rager and game night in the “man cave” aka your parent’s basement.

As always, Naztech ‘s got some solid choices to take on your epic vacation—some to entertain, and some to save you from yourself. Check out these spiffy options:


Don’t be thinking that playing Pandora on your iPhone 6 is going to crank things up. What you need is some serious muscle-- and the SoundBrick Wireless Speaker crushes it. This portable powerhouse really fills the space-- whether it’s in the apartment, Lido Deck or on the beach—pumping outstanding acoustics and letting it bump. Loaded with 5 dynamic drivers, 2 passive bass radiators, 2 acoustic tweeters and a thundering subwoofer, this acoustic force majeure “goes to 11,” cranking high levels of strong, sweet sound—and no distortion!  Not only will it kick that pig, it’ll keep it going for 16 solid hours. Housed in a rugged, rubberized enclosure, the SoundBrick was built for being outside (shock, dust and splash resistant), and uses advanced wireless technology to stay connected up to 30 feet away. There’s also an AUX cable for the non-wireless gear. The SoundBrick also performs as a speakerphone, so you don’t have to stop double-fisting your brewskis when taking a call. This SoundBrick wireless speaker will quickly become your favorite travel buddy, inside and out, rain or shine. $99.99 MSRP.

Xtra Drive Mini

Besides so much else, Spring Break means taking tons of iPhone photos and videos. ‘Cause no one’s going to believe half the crazy shiitake mushrooms that went down, , and you’re going to need proof for leverage later. Designed for the iPhone and other newer Apple devices, the Xtra Drive Mini is an über-fast, thumb-sized Micro SD card reader that can instantly store and transfer photos, videos and music-- without ever using the cloud. Equipped with an MFi Lighting connector, USB connector and memory card slot, this plug-and-play gizmo can store up to 72 hours of video (which also plays directly from the device), 170,000 photos or 74,000 songs when upgraded to its 256GB capacity (it comes with a 16GB card). Weighing in at only 8 grams and sporting a keychain, the Mini is a natty traveler in your pocket or travel bag, ready to capture the most shame-worthy memories in a moment’s notice. $59.99 MSRP.

VOLT Power Station + AC Outlet

Chances are likely that over the course of the week you’re going to be in places where ne’er a plug is in sight. Your lifespan off the grid’s finite, dude. It’s only a matter of time before your gear starts running out of juice. Dead phone, dead wireless speaker, dead camera, dead laptop… you get the idea: It’s a dead man’s party. But with the 27,000mAh VOLT power bank, you can charge through the hootenanny without missing a beat. Armed with USB 3.0, Adaptive Fast Charge and USB-C ports, the portable power plant also comes equipped with a boss AC plug, perfect for pumping 85-watts of fresh juice into a laptop or other personal device when away from a wall outlet. The AFC port charges 4 times faster than a standard USB, and the USB-C port’s 5V/3A output goes like greased lightning to the likes of a Macbook. Shockingly lightweight for the punch it throws, the compact Volt comfortably sits in a bag, ready to be taken to the latest excursion. $199.99 MSRP.

Braided 3-in-1 Hybrid USB Cable

Here’s a chance for you to step up and be the hero. You’re not the only one on the trip that’ll be going through gear challenges. Chances are, that hottie you’ve been scoping out will burn through their battery faster than beans through a Texan. Even more likely, they won’t have their charger with them. So, imagine the possibilities if you whip out this 3-in-1 Hybrid USB Cable (with a portable battery) and offer your assistance with a fast charge? The thickly-braided, incredibly bendable 3-in-1 fits any smartphone (tablet, notebook, wireless headphones and speaker, camera, gaming console, etc.). Whoever they were previously eyeing will suddenly become a distant memory, and you’ll be spending the rest of the trip trading in your selfies for ussies. $29.99 MSRP. You’re welcome.

Tempered GlassScreen Protection and Hybrid PC + TPU Phone Case

Before you start thinking about skipping over this section, bucko, think about this: You’re going to be on a boat, or resort, or casino, or beach, or bar, taking pictures and texting in the midst of a close-knit, sweaty bunch of hormonal, and a tad wasted, revelers. Someone’s phone will be sacrificed to the party gods. Don’t let it be yours. Naztech’s Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy is the ultimate armor for your screen. Its deceptively ultra-thin window is actually six layers of drop-scratch-shatter-proof Japanese Asahi Glass with a 9H hardness rating (a diamond is 10H, the hardest element on the planet), custom-fit to your device and perfectly mimicking bare-screen touch accuracy. $29.99 - $39.99 MSRP.

Of course, protecting the screen won’t be enough to save your bacon, homes. Naztech’s form-fitting Hybrid PC+TPU cases provide complete body protection for the rest of your phone. Designed with a rugged, high-grade polycarbonate and supple, shock-absorbing TPU core, the Hybrid’s off-the-chart armor will guard your device from bumps, drops, scrapes, dings and damage, while still preserving its sexy curves and ultra-slim aesthetic. So, you can whip out that phone with confidence, my friend. Hate to say it, though, those Wayfarers are toast.  $19.99 - $24.99 MSRP.

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