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Xtra Drive

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Naztech Xtra Drive SD Card Reader

Laser crafted from aircraft aluminum, the Naztech Xtra Drive is the premium extra storage device for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Boasting a capacity of up to 128GB, the Naztech Xtra Drive allows you to backup files from your device, or just keeps your Apple device’s space free by giving you that extra storage you need. The Naztech Xtra Drive features easy file transfer between your iPhone, iPod, or iPad with your laptop or desktop computer! With the space available on the Naztech Xtra Drive, you can store up to 36,000 songs, 56 hours of video, or 64,000 photos.


Up to 36,000 Songs*

Up to 64,000 Photos*

Up to 56 Hours Video*

Store Any File



Massive Memory

The Naztech Xtra Drive can support an SD card up to 128GB*! Whether you want to stick with the included 16GB SD card, or you want to opt for something much bigger, the Naztech Xtra Drive gives you the ability to have the amount of memory that fits your needs!


Maximum Capacity

Bonus SD Card to
Get You Started



*For more info on formatting your own SD Card with larger memory capacity, please see our features tab above.



Watch anything, anywhere, anytime

The Naztech Xtra Drive allows you to carry your movie or music library along with you without taking up a single MB of space on your Apple® device. Whether it's a international flight for work or the annual family road trip, store newly captured memories and simply load all your media onto your Naztech Xtra Drive and never run out of entertainment!

Laser Crafted

An aircraft aluminum design with a sleek silver finish gives this device a look that perfectly complements your Apple products.The Naztech Xtra Drive brings an extraordinary amount of storage to an unparalleled sleek style.

Free Downloadable App

The Naztech Xtra Drive includes a free downloadable app in the iTunes App store to make file transfers between your Apple devices and your computer easy. You can even view documents, view photos, play music, or watch videos directly from inside of the app!


Manage Files
with the App!


Back Up
Your Contacts!


Store & Transfer
Your Photos!




Save Multiple Files!


Phone & Tablet Friendly!





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