N750 Emerge Wireless Headset

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N750 Emerge Wireless Headset

The Naztech N750 Emerge Wireless is the ultimate media headset! Featuring HD sound and a noise canceling microphone with NoiseHush Technology, this device keeps your conversations as clear and coherent as possible; making sure you’ll never be misheard again. Featuring universal compatibility, this device can easily pair and be used with any iPhone, Android, or other leading smartphones. It features Bluetooth version 4.1 to provide enhanced sound clarity while keeping your experience wireless and hands free. With extended battery life, the N750 Emerge works for 7 hours talk time or up to 6 days on standby! The intuitive controls even include multipoint technology, which allows for you to connect to up to two devices at once, voice prompt, voice dialing, and caller announcement. A smart sensor detects incoming calls to your headset and pauses music when you receive an incoming call. It also provides an on-screen indicator on your iPhone that displays battery life of the N750 and announces the name of the caller during incoming calls. The Naztech N750 Emerge Wireless Headset is the ultimate headset for an outstanding conversational experience.

Talk Time

Standby Time


Sweat Protection

The Naztech N750 Emerge works hard to make sure any moisture including sweat or spills. It is coated with a special material that automatically repels and protects the device, keeping you as comfortable as possible while ensuring the reliability of your device.

Turn by Turn Directions

The Naztech N750 Emerge communicates directly with your GPS to give you turn by turn directions when you’re cruising down the highway!

Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Unsurpassed audio and comfort, voice commands, smart sensors, and incoming caller announce.

Clever Call Technology

The Naztech N750 Emerge routes incoming calls directly to your headset. If you’re listening to music when an incoming call happens, it automatically pauses the music.

Bluetooth® Wireless

The N750 Emerge delivers precise sound completely wirelessly via Bluetooth version 4.1 with enhanced voice clarity.

Ultimate Media Headset

The Naztech N750 Emerge provides the crispest sound clarity wirelessly, with a noise canceling microphone to match.

Extended Battery Life

The N750 Emerge provides up to 7 hours talk time or up to 6 days standby time. It also continues to work with your device up to 10 meters away.


Your device is compact, portable, and fits directly on your ear to keep your hands free!

iOS® Battery Tracker

A battery life indicator automatically indicates the remaining battery life of the Bluetooth device in the upper right-hand corner of your iOS screen!

Slim Design, Incredible Features

The Naztech N750 Emerge has an incredibly slim design with a scientifically tested weight balance to fit exactly right on your ear. Despite that, it still provides the best features available today: voice dialing, caller announcement, battery indicators on your device screen, multipoint technology (allows you to connect to two devices at once), and voice recognition technology to give you everything you could possibly want in a Bluetooth headset.

Noisehush® Technology

The Naztech N750 Emerge incorporates special NoiseHush Technology with a noise cancelling microphone to protect your calls from windy conditions and significantly reduces background noise to ensure that your voice is as clear and crisp as possible.

Universally Compatible

The Naztech N750 Emerge is compatible with all of your Bluetooth® compatible devices, so you can talk hands-free whenever you need!

Emerge Comfortably

The Naztech N750 Emerge features three interchangeable cloud soft ear cushions, not quite like anything else available on the market today. It’s engineered to fit perfectly into the contours of your ear and to balance perfectly on top, providing you with the most comfortable experience possible.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Brenda paquette
Shoddily constructed

I'd give it zero stars if I could. We bought two of these in February and the swivel mic is coming apart, the call ending button doesnt work anymore. We paid 86.00 each for these. Dont waste your money. A 20.00 from the gas station would work just as well. When I emailed the company I got no response.

Customer review

My Bluetooth headset my husband got me a couple of years ago finally kicked the bucket. So i have been looking for a new. I couldn't find any i liked. He got me one but i didn't like how it fit in my ear. So he ended up keeping it. I took a chance and got this one. So happy i did.

Jorge Nunez
Customer review

I only could use it for 1 month. I could be heard and able to talk without noise and interference but after a month I was struggling to get it charge but for most of the effort that I put in to it I could not be able to charge it any more. I have been trying to put a claim I have not been able to get a hold of any body even through the web site. All I have seen in the web site is more items promotion.

Bruce smith
Customer review

Nice set but when I turn it on it only links up to one of my IPhones I use a work phone and personal I have to turn off one phones Bluetooth to be able to connect the other. Also when I get an incoming call it only tells me the numbers instead of who is calling. The description said it tells you who is calling. And to use the prompt to call someone it turns on my music.

Tom Lanphier
Customer review

Love the headset for many reasons and would love it 'absolutely' if I could successfully increase the Volume. When the person at the other end sounds too far away, I press the '+' button on top and, before the voice sounds any stronger, call disconnects. Ideas?

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