SmartPack Multi-Utility Travel Bag

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The Best Backpack You’ll Ever Own. Period.

This stylish multi-utility backpack is fully loaded with thoughtful touches that solve real-world travel problems. It features a generous 30L capacity and an array of 20 interior and exterior compartments to safely sort and store your everyday essentials including a laptop compartment that unzips flat for hassle-free security checks, protective pockets for other fragile electronics, and an organization panel to secure smaller accessories. Crafted from ballistic nylon and heavy duty zippers, buckles and clamps, this bag can take the punishment of frequent travel while providing all-day carrying comfort with its ergonomically contoured shoulder straps, breathable mesh fabric, and ventilated foam core back panel. Designed for durability, organization, and adaptability, the SmartPack redefines mobility.

Storage Capacity

for Power

Ready for
Any Adventure

Massive Storage Capacity

With 3 main compartments and an array of 20 interior and exterior pockets, you have enough space to sort and store everything you need with space for extras. The SmartPack has dedicated laptop and tablet compartments and padded interior sections that keep your vulnerable mobile devices protected at all times. There is even a hard-shell compartment designed specifically to store sunglasses/eyewear.

Massive Storage Capacity

The dedicated power pocket integrates
perfectly with the VOLT Power Station
and other portable batteries.

Ready for Power

Pass-throughs and elastic straps keep
your cables tangle-free as they route from
the power pocket to all major compartments.

Ready for Any Adventure

Walk, talk, and charge at the same time,
or even share power with a travel buddy
without needing to open your bag.

Travel Like a Pro

The laptop compartment is designed to meet the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) requirements for “Checkpoint-friendly” bags. It unzips a full 180° to provide a clear scan of your computer without having to removing it from the SmartPack.

RFID Anti-Theft Compartment

Enjoy added security with built-in protection against identity theft. This hidden zippered compartment features exclusive RFID-blocking technology that shields the personal information encoded on credit cards, passports, and other forms of identification from would-be thieves using invasive electronic data reading devices.

Easy Luggage Stacking

Travel like a pro with the Slip-on Sleeve. The SmartPack slides over extended luggage handles allowing you to stack and carry heavier bags on your wheeled luggage.

Ready for Any Adventure

The bag’s ultra-durable coil zippers are specially designed for luggage applications where resistance to weather and abrasion is a must in order to meet the toughest performance requirements.

Made for All Day Wear

The contoured back panel is molded with ventilation channels and all contact points are strategically padded with memory foam and lined with air mesh to maximize circulation and breathability for comfortable extended wear even on hot summer days.


Sleek & Stylish Design

You don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort, the SmartPack combines streamlined modern designs with advanced functionality. Available in classic Grey and Black, the SmartPack is the ultimate travel companion for hardcore hikers and urban adventurers alike.

Expand Your SmartPack System

Whether you are on the go or off the grid, traveling the world or running around town, the SmartPack can be customized to your specific needs with these optional Naztech accessories.

NOTE: The TSA reserves the right to ask anyone to remove a computer from its case, or re-screen any bag or laptop regardless of the easy-access design of the case.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Customer review


Customer review

Simply the best features of all others that I've researched!

My old standard backpack's zipper broke, and I was kinda glad. I've had that backpack for maybe up to 3 years(?), and although it never perfectly performed... it looked nice and did the best I thought a backpack could do.

But then the zipper broke...and it was time to find a new back pack.

THAT whats when I sat down and evaluated how I was using that backpack and where it failed me as an everyday tool.

Note, I travel extensively. Mostly driving, but plenty of flying. Most work nights are spent in a hotel room, and during the day I travel to an industrial site and then back to the hotel.

My job is technical, and I use technology to be efficient and productive.

Electronics tools that I carry:

Dell Latitude 5491
Macbook pro 13" w/touchbar (personal)
Ipad (2017/2018(?) standard sized)...I don't know the model. Just a basic ipad
Iphone X (personal)
Iphone 7s
Apple Watch 4g (personal)
Bluetooth headphones
Bluetooth speaker

Oh... and of course.... each of those has to have a charger and cables. An absolute nightmare!!!

Thats a lot of devices and a lot of chargers.

I've spent 3 weeks researching the new style back-packs that have channels within that permit cables to run from one chamber to another.

Naztech has the absolute best product available on the market today.

I was amazed at how little information I could find on this product. Even here on their own site, they don't do this backpack justice for its ingenuity and features.

There are no youtube video's of anyone evaulating this backpack. Only the videos produced by Naztech seem to exist. (I think I'm going to make one though...if so, it will be my first ever).

The best video was made by Naztech, but its unbelieveable how fast it spins through everything. There's another video, but it seems to be more about the actors than the backpack. has absolutely NO reviews posted.

It made me wonder if anyone has even purchased the backpack yet. There are some reviews posted here on Naztechs website. Exactly 20 at the time of this writing. I read them... and I'll just say.. I'm not convinced an anonymous customer wrote them. Just saying..!

Well, I'm a real customer. I own one now, and I am EXTREMELY impressed with this backpack.

I hope to do a youtube video about it. It deserves the attention, and I would also like to add just a few little recommendations that I hope makes it through to Naztech for their next version.

FIRST: The back pack is damn near perfect. Better than any other "wire management" back pack currently on the market, based on my 3 weeks of research. I'm not going to go into every feature or why it's perfect. I'd much rather get to my recommendations. Just know that I electronically reviewed each of the other popular competitors, and I landed here.

Look for my youtube review. (If I do it) It's likely to be the only one not made by Naztech... until someone else does Mine will be the simplest and most amateur version that is recorded with my iphone.

Dear Naztech,

You have a great product. Here's some suggestions:
1. External materials recommendations
a. A beautiful leather (or faux) would take this to an executive level. Also easier to clean and weather proofs.
b. Also, your description says its "weather proof", but then you include a backpack cover. I hate backpack covers. Just make the product out of weather proof material. No one wants to stop and pull out a cover when caught in the rain. (but leave the hidden pocket if u want).
c. A more rigid flooring/bottom would help the backpack stand. However I did note that it does a decent job at standing, but only about 40-60% of the time.

2. External features recommendations
a. More external rings/hoops/loops - Sometimes I want to attach something to the outside of the pack. I need a place to hook these add-on's. Small d-rings, or loops are perfect when scattered around the exterior. For instance, I sometimes like to carry my very fluffy neck-support pillow when flying. It's big and bulky and only used for the flight (not at the destination). It's a waste of space to utilize interior compartment space to carry a neck pillow. Instead, I could have thrown a lanyard around the pillow and attached it to any loop on the outside of the pack. But there aren't any (except one on the shoulder strap..and that's a horrible place for a neck pillow to hang)
b. At least 1 more port to the exterior. The lightning-bolt port is good. However, it's on the same side as the USB connection. That makes both external ports on the same side of the pack. Very ingenious how you structured the pack to give 90% access from the same side. I GET IT! However, if you included 1 more access port from the electronics chamber to the exterior... it would be a whole lot easier to use a single power cable to charge everything! (Look for my yout...

Customer review

Got this this tech bag for xmas. Let me tell you this is bad ass. Real sturdy. Lots of room for all kinds of stuff. I like that it has a hard place to store your sunglasses and reading glasses. Has a place on the strap to hang your sunglasses. I do travel to Spanish Fork, Utah from Adelanto, CA on our company plane so i got the NAZTECH USB-C(MAC DADDY) portable battery to hook up to my tablet and my cell phone(type C). I also got the Camera bag that fits nice the back pack. With this battery i am also to us it on my SONY ALPHA A57. I have looked for back packs like this--NOT. This is a good one. Lets see what else NAZTECH makes for this so i can add on.

Customer review

Backpack itself is very well made, sturdy material, zips/ unzips easily. TONS of pockets to organize whatever you put into it! Lightweight thankfully--because my son's school books weigh a ton already!! This backpack is much lighter than the other ones I've bought him. Cleans easily, just wipe with damp cloth! My son is VERY VERY happy with his new backpack!! THANK YOU NAZTECH!!!!

Customer review

I just returned from a business trip and have to say how pleased I am with purchasing this product. I was able to put everything I needed into it...every item has it's place. I packed my laptop, Kindle, chargers, workpapers and files, journal, umbrella, water bottle, pens, traveling documents, wallet and a few other smaller items...easily into the backpack. It fit perfectly on my back, as well as hooked securely on my luggage as I navigated the terminal. The thing that most interested me, besides being able to leave 2 additional bags that I typically pack...but no longer needed because I got everything into the backpack...was how light it seemed even packed with all my items. Excited that I am able to now travel with less bags, but with all items I need. Worth the buy!

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