30W Turbo Power Delivery + USB-C Car Charger

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Experience USB-C with Power Delivery

Need fast charging power on the road for your newest USB-C gear? Whether you’re commuting to work, going on a road trip, or heading out for a night on the town, you want the fastest charging speed possible. The Turbo charger features two USB-C ports that are engineered to each deliver a powerful 3A maximum output! The bottom port is enhanced even further with a specialized Power Delivery chipset which offers up to 30 watts of high voltage charging power! With over 9X the power of standard chargers, this one charger works with even the most power-hungry devices including the 12” Macbook. You can even fast charge the iPhone X/8 and the new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes! Now you can enjoy the latest in high-speed technology and always arrive fully charged!

Dual USB-C



Total Maximum

Experience USB-C with Power Delivery

Engineered with a specialized PD chipset that can support up to 30 watts of high voltage charging power, the bottom port dynamically adjusts the voltage output delivered during the battery charging cycle for fastest and most efficient charging experience.

Super Speed Performance

This compact charger can power up compatible PD Fast Charge devices like the iPhone X/8 and the new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes!

Dual USB-C Ports

This charger delivers a lightning fast 3A output to compatible USB-C PD and standard devices that feature the new USB Type-C standard including the 12” MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, LG G6, HTC 10 and more.

Sleek Design, Solid Construction

Built to last, this sleek and compact charger has a glossy black housing and chrome stability grips for secure installation.

Universal Power

Compatible with any USB-powered device: Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C PD and standard USB-C. You can charge your favorite USB-C laptop with the same ease as you would a smartphone, tablet, camera, or Bluetooth speaker.

Incredible Output

Converts your vehicle’s single power outlet into a 45 watt super speed Powerhouse (30W USB-C PD + 15W USB-C) to charge all your Apple & Android mobile devices. It’s powerful enough to charge a laptop computer and a power-heavy iPad simultaneously!

Guaranteed Reliability

Naztech products are performance tested and vetted through a rigorous quality inspection process to ensure reliability. Naztech offers friendly customer service and a Limited Two Year Warranty to the original purchaser that the product shall be free of defects in design, assembly, material or workmanship.

Package Contents

• Turbo Car Charger

World-Class Safety Features

Built-in safety features automatically regulate the power output to protect you and your devices from issues like Short Circuit and Overcharge for safe rapid charging.

Temperature Resistance

Temperature control mechanisms ensure our highly-reliable batteries
operate safely.

Input Over-Voltage Protection

OVP circuit prevents voltage surges from damaging
the device.

Overcurrent Protection

Consistently measures output and turns off when current exceeds what device can handle.

Short-Circuit Protection

The charger automatically isolates the motherboard and battery if any short-circuit occurs, effectively shielding the device from harm.

Power Overload recovery

In the event of a power overload,the device can be put into use again by detaching your devices,waiting for it to cool down,re-attaching the devices,& pressing the on button.

Battery Cell Protection

Our specific Battery Management System (BMS) detects cell temperatures by measuring the cell current to keep the battery safe.

Automatic Reset

Power resets if any mechanism stops working by pressing power button.

Output Current Stabilizer

By communicating with the attached devices, the charger automatically knows how much power it needs, and stabilizes current to that charging level.

Overcharge Protection

In the event that too much power is being siphoned,the charger will automatically apply overcharge protection by shutting off,keeping both your devices & the charger safe.

Auto Device Recognition

IntelliQ Smart Chips detect each device’s exact power needs and adjust the power flow automatically to deliver the fastest and most efficient charging experience possible.

  • ● Dynamically Detects Your Device’s Unique Charging Protocols
  • ● Provides the Exact Amount of Power Needed Every Time
  • ● Delivers the Most Optimized and Fastest Charging Output
  • ● Ensures Universal Compatibility for all USB Devices including Apple® & Android™

Overcurrent Protection

Power Overload Recovery

Overcharge Protection

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
mary ann mayfield
New Phone Accessories

It’s to be objective when my new phone required all new cords and plugs. My first sales person at Verizon was less than forthcoming to help me reduce my purchases. Thus I have spent nearly $100 on various accessories. 🥴. ☹️ 😫. 😱

Marsha Elaine
Customer review

Got this for my Google Pixel. Fast and works well with no issues.

James Randall
Customer review

Type C charger port is the real deal and works great with my Nexus 5X and 6P phones for rapid charging. Durable construction, the product overall has high quality feel. I own this Naztech car charger along with branded one. They appear / perform identical. Pairs well with my Type C to Type C device cable - no compatibility problems at all.

Dora Cantrell
Customer review

I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. It works perfectly in both of my cars, and it is small enough to travel with. Shipping was extremely quick. Customer service was outstanding. I would highly recommend this.

Edward Lee
Customer review

We now have four of these adapters for use in three vehicles and on one motorcycle. I was concerned that they would not rapid charge the batteries in our Nexus 5X phones, due to the low price and compact size. Not to worry. Rapid charge works flawlessly. As an added bonus, this adapter even stays plugged into the power point on my Harley, having yet to vibrate loose.

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