Android 3 Pack Safety Essentials Car Kit

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Hands-Free Mount + High-Speed Charging!

Gear up for the Road with Naztech. This 3-part Safety Essential Car Kit has everything you need! The MagBuddy Air Vent Mount will firmly secure your device at eye level and easy reach with its powerful magnetic grip to keep navigation, hands-free calling, and music control securely at your fingertips even on the bumpiest roads. The Dual USB Car Charger features Adaptive Fast Charge. While both ports are engineered to deliver a powerful 2.4A maximum output to any USB device, the top port is enhanced even further to take compatible Qualcomm devices from drained to 50% full in just 30 minutes! The Hybrid USB-C and Micro USB Cable is durably built for active daily use and is the perfect length to run from your vehicle’s power socket directly to your mounted device! This one convenient package combines 3 must-have accessories that will keep you hands-free and fully charged on the road, even on the longest commute!

Dual USB
Car Charger

Vent Mount

USB-C + Micro USB

Universal Dual USB Car Charger
Charge your Apple & Android smartphones and tablets, MP3 players, eReaders, digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, wearables and more.Not only is this high-speed charger universally compatible with all your mobile devices, it is powerful enough to charge 2 power-heavy iPads!

What Adaptive Fast Charge Technology Means For You

Adaptive Fast Charge Technology dynamically adjusts the voltage output that is delivered throughout the battery charging cycle for maximum efficiency. You get fast, efficient and safe charging as well as reduced overall power consumption. Less wasted power also means less heat, which helps preserve your device’s battery life.

MagBuddy Air Vent Mount
Magnetically mount devices like smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and MP3 players with an attractive “floating” look. The ultra-compact Air Vent Mount has no arms, legs, or brackets to snag your charger cables or block access to ports and buttons. Get full-screen visibility and end-to-end access to your device.

360° Adjustable Rotation

Instantly switch between Portrait and Landscape orientation and tilt to any viewing angle. You can quickly make any needed adjustments one-handed while still concentrating on the road ahead. The pivoting design accommodates drivers and passengers of all heights.

100% Device-Safe Magnets

A Quad core of powerful neodymium magnets firmly secures your device even in the roughest driving conditions without vibrations or wiggling. Once your device is equipped with a MagBuddy Plate, you just need to hover it near the base and it instantly locks in place.

Install in Seconds

The two-way grip was designed to fit thick and thin air vents. Simply rotate the mount to align the vent clips according to the thickness of your air vent louvers/grills and firmly slide it into place. No hassle, no struggle. You’re ready to go!

Get Your Device Mount-Ready

The kit includes 2 adhesive metal MagBuddy Plates. You can remove the paper lining to expose the powerful 3M adhesive and stick the plate directly onto your device or onto the device’s case OR leave the paper liner on, and simply slip it between the device and case/battery-cover.

Detachable Hybrid 2-in-1 Cable
No need to carry around 2 different cables! The included hybrid charging cable has a built-in adapter that offers a quick and seamless transformation from Micro USB to USB-C for the widest range of device compatibility options including most Android, Windows, and BlackBerry phones and tablets, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, gaming consoles, digital cameras, and more.

Superior Signal with Unmatched Durability

Durable protective PVC jacketing protects the high-purity copper signal wire and thick ground conductors that guarantee ultra-fast and reliable communication between your devices. Reinforced stress points, aluminum alloy housing, and thick gauge wiring deliver an unrivaled bend lifespan that stands up to active daily use.

Perfect Length

The 4-ft extension is perfect for anywhere convenience, providing enough length to easily run the cable from your vent-mounted device to your car’s power outlet or a wall adapter to a tabletop.


• MagBuddy Air Vent Mount
• MagBuddy Plates (1 Large + 1 Small)
• Adaptive Fast Charge N420 Dual USB Car Charger
• Hybrid USB-C + Micro USB Cable

Guaranteed Reliability

Naztech products are performance tested and vetted through a rigorous quality inspection process to ensure reliability. Naztech offers friendly customer service and a Limited Two Year Warranty to the original purchaser that the product shall be free of defects in design, assembly, material or workmanship.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Customer review

Excellent little package. Using it for my iPhone 8 and all has been working great. The mount is automatic basically and easy to remove and mount phone. The charger itself is good quality and works fast. The cable has been actually working great, usually I have problem with the adapter types, but this one seems to work great.

Annie May
Customer review

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and functionality of this car Mount holder/Charger kit. The car Mount has a very smart design. It literally hold the phone to keep it secure, while giving me an option to easily adjust the angel of the phone. I just slide the phone in, and this Car Mount hold it nice and snug. The cool thing is that this kit also comes with car charger and universal multi-functional charging cable. Cable can be turned from Micro USB to USB-C comparable by putting on the transition attachment. This is the most convenient car Mount system that I have ever used. I can keep my phone at the eye level when I am driving.

Allie Lillian
Customer review

Buying a new phone is fun. Paying for a new phone is not. Buying useless accessories is not fun, buying accessories for affordable prices that work great is fantastic. And thats exactly how the experience was with this car phone mount. After getting my iphone x delivered, i wanted a new mount for the car that would be secure considering i didnt put a case on my newest phone. So far this one is getting the job done just as I desired. My iphone in the car is primarily used for music, hours at a time sometimes and i was able to place this mount right above the cigarette outlet where this kit includes a usb plug and cable! Both of which are the perfect size for me to charge the phone while its mounted and looking flush. Overall its a great kit. The phone sits in sturdy enough, doesnt wiggle around, and just makes the car look so technologicaly advanced!

Amos Clifton
Customer review

I’ve owned several phone holders before but this is by far one of the best I’ve bought so far. It’s super quick and easy to mount it on the vent. The way this phone holder is designed makes mounting the phone as easy as just dropping it in. The package comes with a cigarette charger and a cable as well. Overall, great package deal, definitely recommend it for those who use their phone for navigation.

Mitcha Beard
Customer review

Having a hands free way to use my cellphone in the car is a must have for me. Being a safe driver is everything. And I especially love this gravity car phone mount because it's so easy to install and use. It works perfectly with my cell phone. It's safe, it works great and it comes with a charger cable as well as a dual USB Charging port. I would absolutely recommend this product and for the price, you are getting a real steal of a deal.

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