Braided MFi Lightning® Charge & Sync Cable

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Lightning to USB Durable Braided Cable

Charge and Sync at Maximum Speed!
Engineered to last, this ultra-durable cable is five times stronger than the competition. Say goodbye to flimsy wires that require delicate positioning. This cable is not just tangle-free, it features reinforced stress points, braided nylon construction and thick-gauge wiring for an incredible bend lifespan that stands up to active daily use. Enjoy the most reliable and fastest possible charging and data transfer anytime, anywhere.

Stronger than Standard Cables!

This ultra-durable cable is 5 Times Stronger than the competition.

Proven Strength, Great Looks

These cables are engineered to last and come in an array of colors to fit your style and mood.


No more messy knots, the braided cable actively resists tangling for convenient and easy use.

Stronger than Standard Cables

Durable Nylon Braided Cable

Sturdy Strain Relief

Maximum Charging Speed

Engineered with large gauge high purity copper wires to deliver the optimal charging experience for each of your devices. Never settle for less, Naztech sets the new standard in high quality and trusted cables that ensure the peak performance of your devices.

Enhanced Signal Transfer

Durable protective jacketing protects the high-purity copper signal wire and thick ground conductors that guarantee ultra-fast and reliable communication between your devices.

Extra Length

Our 4ft braided cable gives you extra length while charging your device. The braiding of this cable ensures durable built to last quality. As a result, the cable will not fray or fall apart by the connector like many other lightning cables on the market today.

Not All Cables are Made Equally!

MFi vs. Aftermarket Competitors

Naztech’s High Standards for Quality
High Density Durable Protective Jacket
Resists Extreme Temperatures
Precision-wound Dual Shielding
Internal Protective Layers
Large Gauge High Purity Power Wire
for Maximum Charging Speed
High Purity Copper Signal Wire
for Enhanced Data Transfer & Sync
Large Gauge High Purity Ground Wire
for Maximum Charging Speed
Thick Ground Conductor
for Optimum Performance
High Purity Copper Signal Wire
for Enhanced Signal Transfer

The Naztech MFi Certification Badge symbolizes the most strict standards in quality and testing by Apple’s very own technicians to ensure that every Naztech MFi device is made with the highest quality materials and engineered to deliver the fastest charge possible.


Non-MFi Cable Tip

No Lightning® Authentication Chip
Low Grade Multi-piece Construction
Non Reversible Tip
Non-MFi Internal Cable

No Shielding
No Ground Conductor
Low Purity Copper Wires
Small Gauge Wires

Are Your Apple Devices at Risk?

The Apple MFi Certified Program requires that the quality and design of manufactured accessories are on the same level as Apple's own products. The MFi license can only be obtained after products pass vigorous tests as a guarantee of safety and reliability for customers and their devices. All Naztech products surpass these standards and more while delivering the most advanced and innovative MFi products on the market today.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nancy Broadway
Customer review

I was hesitant to buy this product but am quite pleased with it so far.
- Firm braiding, feels quality.
- Length is as was listed and quite useful.
- Charges my iPhone and tablet very quickly
- None. I am interested in how long it will work, all cables have a set lifetime from normal wear and tear, usually fraying where the cable connects to the charging end into the phone so will keep you posted

Caroline Brittain
Customer review

Not much else to say about this that others here and on tons of websites haven't already said. THE BEST charging cable you can buy! Equals the quality of "indestructible" cables that cost $30-$50. The cable is covered in a crazy strong and durable braided nylon. Just about impossible to destroy it. And the joints where the cable meet the charging ends is made of a very strong but pliable rubber like material that is somewhat stiff but seems very strong. They look AMAZING as well. I bought one for my son and he LOVES it. Also charges quicker than most cables. And for the cost, this is SUCH an amazing value. Absolute necessity for anyone that owns a phone!

Sandra Lee
Customer review

These cables really address the problem area of the Apple cables, the unions between the USB plug and the lightning plug. This cable is MUCH MORE robust than the average cable. I've tried other braided cables, and Naztech are much better!

Luke Lee
Customer review

I bought a few different cables awhile back to see which one(s) tended to hold up under my daily iPhone 6+ use. Gotta say, this cable has shown no sign of the fraying or coming-apart on the lightning connector end other cables have. It's a bit stiffer, but I've found I like that. Yeah I'd buy this one again. I have several cats, and they haven't done any damage to this cable either. That's a first.

James Harrison
Customer review

Love this cord for my iphone 7 plus. The length is a really great size for me. I love the the cord bends and twists as well. I am able to keep my iphone case on while charging. This cord DOES NOT come with the power port. this is a USB plus that you can plug into your computer and/or power source. Charges my iphone just as well as my original iphone plug charger.

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