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The Naztech MagBuddy Telescopic Dash Mount

The Naztech MagBuddy Telescopic Mount is the safest, most versatile, high-functioning magnetic mounting solution! Rare-earth magnets work together with a two-step quick-lock vacuum suction cup to secure your device for easy one-hand operation even with those bulky cases! The telescopic arm extends up to 2 inches for close, easy viewing without obstructing your view of the road! Make your mount convenient again with the Naztech MagBuddy Telescopic Mount!

Safe & Powerful

Portrait/Landscape Viewing

Quick & Easy Install




No Fuss No Muss

There’s no more need to deal with clumsy cradles anymore! Engineered to solve that annoying problem of using a cradle to mount your phone.

Easy Adjustability

Use your phone in any orientation, portrait or landscape, to fit your needs.

Take it With You

Designed to Stick

With its super sticky gel pad you can mount to virtually any dashboard.

Engineered to Fit

This unique magnetic mount is compatible with smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and more, to fit any lifestyle. You can attach to your phone case or directly to the back of your phone.

A Magnetic Mount for All Locations

100% Safe, Powerful Rare-Earth Magnets

Simplified for Optimal Viewing

Bump Resistant

Adjustable Knob

Swivel Ball Joint

Optimal Viewing & Easy Adjustability

With it’s 360 degree swivel ball that allows you to fully adjust for an optimal viewing angle. Use it’s 2 stage locking mechanism to secure the dash mount firmly.

Even More Adjustibility

The adjustable telescopic neck on the MadBuddy Dash Mount extends out and adjust up or down, giving you a better view of your smartphone or tablet. No more squinting!


Powerful Neodymium
Rare-Earth Magnets

MagBuddy™ features powerful earth magnets that are 30% stronger than the competition to hold your device securely in place -- even on the bumpiest roads! One hundred percent safe for Smartphones and GPS, the MagBuddy magnetic phone mount system creates unmatched gripping power by adding The MagBuddy Plate to mobile devices with or without a case. The MagBuddy Plate is included and can be applied directly to the device, adhered to the battery under the battery cover, between the phone and the case or to the exterior of the case.


A Magnetic Mount for All Locations

100% Safe, Powerful Rare-Earth Magnets

Shop the MagBuddy Family

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Naztech is so confident in the reliability and performance of this product that we offer a hassle-free
Limited Lifetime Warranty.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ashlee Lynn
Customer review

I love the adjustable and extendable arm! Sometimes I forgot my glasses and I need the phone to be closer to my sight. The magnetic board is really convenient too. I’m a little bit concerned about how long the magnet will last but so far it works really well for this price. I may review again after a longer period.

Wesley Nash
Customer review

It is overall good but I cant seem to register the product on the website that it said to go to. Can someone tell me how to do so please

Customer review

My son gave me this as a gift. The magnet does not hold my phone. Perhaps the iPhone 8 is too heavy.

Suzan Cohen
Customer review

Terrible product. I bought the one that sticks on my dash ...only problem is that it doesn't, it keeps falling off!!
Terrible customer service as well. They don't answer the phone or return calls or emails!

Billy Joe
Customer review

My boyfriend always complains that the old cellphone rack is too low and he needs to look down for navigation when he drives. I think it's dangerous. This product is well mounted on high, and the magnet behind it helps to stabilize and not shake.

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