IntelliShield 3D Tempered Glass for iPhone 11 Pro

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The Ultimate Armor for Your Device!

Get the ultimate armor for your smartphone! Featuring 9H ultra-thin HD quality Japanese Asahi Glass, Naztech offers maximum protection and durability without the bulk. At only 0.33mm this premium tempered glass is so lightweight that you won’t even realize it’s there! 6 layers of defense provide maximum drop, impact, scratch, and shatter protection for your expensive phone screen without sacrificing HD clarity or bare-screen touch sensitivity. Let your screen protector take a hit, so your phone won’t have to!

Enhanced Touch
Scratch & Shatter Defense

Prevents direct nicks, scrapes, and dings to your phone screen from keys, coins, pens, and even your pet’s paws. The premium tempered glass will remain intact in the event of a strong impact, keeping you and your device safe from shards.

What is 9H Glass?

Hardness for tempered glass refers to its ability to resist scratches on a scale of 1 to 10. Regular glass is placed around 5H and a diamond, the hardest element on earth, is the highest at 10H.

3X Stronger Than Film!

Unlike standard screen protectors made from flimsy film sheets, Naztech’s IntelliShield Tempered Glass is crafted from 100% authentic Japanese Asahi Glass. It’s engineered to be exceptionally tough and damage resistant to give your smartphone the ultimate armor!

Easy Application

Residue-free adhesive No Bubbles,
Rainbows, or Air Pockets.

We Protect So You Can Play

Protect against drops, bumps,
and scratches.

Maximum HD Clarity

Ultra-Thin & Lightweight You’ll barely
notice it’s there.

6 Layers of Unparalleled Protection

Give your smartphone the ultimate armor! Naztech Tempered Glass is engineered to be exceptionally tough and damage resistant.

1 Oleophobic & Anti-smudge Coating
2 Rounded Edge Tempered Asahi Glass
3 Anti-shatter Layer
4 Base Film
5 Silicone Resin Self Adhesive Layer
6 PET Protective Layer

Case-Friendly 3D Curved Edges

Unlike most flat rectangular screen protectors, this tempered glass is beveled with a 3D curve for maximum edge-to-edge protection that follows the contour of your iPhone screen. The rounded polished edges reduce the chance of chipping on impact and ensure a smoother glide for finger swiping.

Industry-Leading Touch Sensitivity

The ultra-thin IntelliShield screen protector offers superior electrical conductivity to communicate touch and pressure based gestures as accurately as a bare phone screen.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Daisy Lamastus
Customer review

Very easy to install so I don't have to worry about the placement of the screen protector to make sure it's centered. The quality is also very good and it covers the entire face of the iPhone. I purchased this for my iPhone XS. I've used only one try without any issues.

Ollie Marilyn
Customer review

Dropped the phone from about 4 feet, it appeared as though 2 corners of the iPhone screen were cracked. The scratch resistant protector, however, protected the screen and corners of the phone entirely and not a single scratch was left on the phone as a result of this protector. Bravo.

Antoninette Kynard
Customer review

I won't buy another brand screen protector for the phones in our house. These are amazing - easy to install with the installation frame, very nice feel when using the touch screen and great customer service should you ever experience an issue. These are nearly zero effort to install. Snap on the installation frame, peel back the protective plastic from the screen protector and then set it down on the screen. The air slowing goes out the sides and you can start at one end and rub air out slowing as you move down the phone. I've never had such a frustration free installation process.

Leah Ann Labus
Customer review

Absolutely love the fact that it covers the entire screen.. a couple spots were visible but to be honest a little warmth took them out easy.

Pat LaCoss
Customer review

First off anyone looking for this type of screen protector I would not get one without the guide, I believe I first looked at a cheaper version of this (same supplier) but without the guide. With it you are able to put the protector on perfectly square it looks like a machine did it. Once on the one properly you don't even notice it. Also it's easy to remove and stick back in case you mess up during application. Haven't had any drops yet but assume it will protect well. Great product!

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