Premium HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S9

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HD Clarity at Day. HD Clarity at Night.

Scroll to Experience Crystal Clear HD Transparency!

Premium HD Tempered Glass

Life is unpredictable, don’t gamble with your phone. The time and expense of repairing a cracked screen is just not worth the risk. Give your smartphone the ultimate armor! Featuring ultra-thin HD quality Japanese Asahi Glass with a 9H hardness rating, Naztech offers maximum protection and durability without the bulk. Unlike most flat rectangular screen protectors, this tempered glass is actually curved to provide maximum edge-to-edge protection for your phone’s Infinity Screen. At only 0.33mm, it’s so lightweight that you won’t even realize it’s there! 6 total layers of defense provide maximum drop, impact, scratch, and shatter protection for your expensive phone screen without sacrificing HD clarity or bare-screen touch sensitivity. Let this screen protector take a hit, so your phone won’t have to!

Get the Ultimate Armor for Your Galaxy S9

9H Japanese
Asahi Glass

Crystal Clear
HD Transparency

Curved to

Impact & Shatter



Self Adhesive

Enhanced Touch

6 Layers of Unparalleled Protection

Get the ultimate defense for your smartphone with the Naztech® screen protector made with 9H HD quality Japanese Asahi Glass®.

1 Oleophobic & Anti-smudge Coating
2 Rounded Edge Tempered Asahi Glass
3 Anti-shatter Layer
4 Base Film
5 Silicone Resin Self Adhesive Layer
6 PET Protective Layer

Maximum Protection and Durability

3X Stronger Than Film

Unlike standard screen protectors made from flimsy film sheets, Naztech’s Premium HD Tempered Glass is crafted from 100% authentic Japanese Asahi Glass. It’s engineered to be exceptionally tough and damage resistant to give your smartphone the ultimate armor!

Curved to Perfection

Unlike most flat rectangular screen protectors, this tempered glass is curved to provide maximum edge-to-edge protection for your phone’s Infinity Screen. The rounded polished edges also reduce the chance of chipping on impact.

Anti-Fingerprint & Smudge

The 0.33mm glass is thick enough to provide outstanding durability and protection yet is only as thin as 3 sheets of printer paper, so you’ll barely notice it’s there! Enjoy maximum HD clarity and enhanced touch sensitivity without any added bulk.

What is 9H Glass?

Hardness for tempered glass refers to its ability to resist scratches on a scale of 1 to 10. Regular glass is placed around 5H and a diamond, the hardest element on earth, is the highest at 10H.

Scratch & Shatter Defense

Prevents direct nicks, scrapes, and dings to your phone screen from keys, coins, pens, and even your pet’s paws. The premium tempered glass will remain intact in the event of a strong impact, keeping you and your device safe from shards.

Easy Application

The package includes everything you need quickly prep your device and install the screen protector. Simply align the precision cut glass over your phone screen and apply a small amount of pressure to firmly seal.

Superior Silicone Adhesive Coating

Residue-free adhesive will securely mount the tempered glass to your phone screen without bubbles, rainbows, or air pockets, leaving you with end to end HD clarity.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Alcohol Wet Wipe
Dry Cleaning Tissue
Dust Remover

Warranty Covers Breakage

Your screen protector is insured for life! Even if the tempered glass breaks, just send it back to us along with your original proof of purchase and we will immediately ship out a replacement at no cost to you (excludes shipping charges).

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Customer review

This item broke while I was putting it on the phone.... never again

Linda Kay
Customer review

A true must have product!!Okay let me just say I have installed many many screen protectors over the years to many different phones and let me tell you this is the best one I had so far! It was so easy to install and absolutely no bubbles! Everyone is complaining how it doesn't go to the edge of the screen but that's because on the Phone the screen bubbles out so if the screen protector went all the way out the whole screen protector wouldn't work and just bubble all over. Look at your screen and feel the edges or it and you will understand! Anyways besides that this is amazing!!

Joseph Turner
Customer review

I have had many screen protectors and I have to say this exceeded my expectations. I like the aesthetic look because when you have it on it's like it's not even there unlike other screen protectors where there is clear difference where it ends leaving parts of the screen unprotected. The thing that I liked most about this screen protector is that while it managed to cover the entire face of the phone itself there was just enough of a gap where I was able to have my case on the phone with this screen protector and there was no tolerance issue. I have had screen protector similar to this one only the screen protector was approximately 1 mm to tall and to wide and this wouldn't turn cause a bubbling effect on the edges when I would have my case on my phone because the tolerances were too tight. This screen protector however has perhaps a 1mm gap that allows me to have a good fit while remaining aesthetically pleasing with the screen protector and a case on my phone.

Susan Mendez
Customer review

The screen protector literally took me no more than 30 seconds to install, it was that easy. Also, it came along with a microfiber cleaning cloth to rid any dust particles on the screen as well with instructions on how to put it on properly. Would highly recommend this to anybody looking for a high quality yet inexpensive screen protector. Very fast delivery and great product! Happy customer! :)

Iona Pitts
Customer review

This is a lot easier than the normal screen saver I used to use. In addition, the edge is aligned with the edge of the phone screen, so there is a very small amount of space throughout the rest of the screen. Because of this, the protective cover on my phone case does not touch this protective film. In the past When I used ordinary screen protectors, they floated on the edges due to the box's push. This is definitely one of my favorite screen savers, it's not too thick. This will not affect my touch screen sensitivity at all. I use it on the phone.

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