MagBuddy Vent+ Mount - Black

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Keep Your Device Exactly Where You Want It

This cradle-less magnetic mounting system is designed to keep your mobile device at eye-level and easy reach so navigation, hands-free calling and music control is securely at your fingertips even through the bumpiest roads. The Vent+ has a rubberized base that easily slides into place with a universal twist-grip knob that can tighten to grip vents of all sizes and thicknesses. Just hover your device near the base and feel the powerful magnetic force instantly latch on. Keep your hands free and your eyes on the road!

Low Profile
Safe & Powerful
360° Swivel Ball

Compact & Cradle Free

Quickly attach and detach single-handed for an attractive “floating look” - no arms or legs to tangle up charger cables or brackets to block access to ports and buttons.

NEW Base Design

Thanks to feedback from fans of our original vent mount, the Vent+ now features a fully adjustable vent grip for wider compatibility options. The base now also extends an additional inch and locks into place, for increased accessibility that maintains the mount’s unique low profile. With this 2nd generation, everything you love about the MagBuddy just got better!

360° Swivel Ball Technology

Effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape orientation and tilt to any viewing angle so you can quickly make any needed adjustments with one hand while still concentrating on the road ahead. The pivoting head design accommodates drivers and passengers of all heights.

Universal Vent Grips

Hassle-free & quick! The universal twist-grip knob easily tightens to secure the rubberized grips onto thick and thin air vents.

100% Powerful Neodymium Magnets

4 Rare-Earth magnets offer the strongest grip available to instantly secure your device through even the roughest driving conditions without vibrations or wiggling.

Get Your Device Mount-Ready

Each MagBuddy Mount comes with 2 adhesive metal plates. You can remove the paper lining to expose the powerful 3M adhesive or leave the paper liner on, and sandwich the plate between.

Package Contents

• 1 Magnetic Head

• 1 Vent Mount

• 1 Large Adhesive MagBuddy Plate

• 1 Small Adhesive MagBuddy Plate


Naztech is so confident in the reliability and performance of this product that we offer a hassle-free
Limited Lifetime Warranty.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Magnets repel phone

At first I thought the magnets were just too weak because even without the case on the phone it just wouldn’t stick but after flipping the power cord around the magnets had enough strength except the were repelling the phone.

Steve Cheesman
Great Item

This is exactly what I needed. I use my phone GPS. This allows me to use it with my air vents and see my phone much easier.

Clinton Dowell
Customer review

Works quite well:
- Extremely portable. I don't have my own car, but use ZipCar or other rentals quite often; this mount is perfect.
- Strong magnet. You can just feel the strength of the magnet by using your hands to separate your phone. It's pretty strong and there's little to no chance the phone will slide or fall off. I've been on bad roads and my phone still stands.
- Makes phone easy to use in the car. I can mount and dismount the phone so easily with this. No fiddling with stands, clamps, etc.
- Fits well in the air vent. There are two gap sizes for the air vents, should be appropriate for most cars.

Jason Cody
Customer review

I own a 2014 Ford Edge, and as all the other owners of this vehicle model I had the very same trouble, no place to put your phone when driving. Some people buy stands that go in the cup trays but I found that too bulky and in my way. I like to keep things simple. This was the best option I found and I'm happy with it. When not needed it doesn't disturb, when using it it keeps my phone more at sight height and as it's on the vent it keeps my phone cool when using the GPS with screen on at all times. Magnet is really strong and keeps my phone secured even when going through heavy bumps.

James Gary
Customer review

We have purchased 2 of these now, one for each car. I originally bought the first one because I was starting as an Uber/Lyft driver and needed an easy way to show my navigation. It was so helpful that when I would drive the other vehicle, I felt lost without it (sometimes literally). The rectangle magnet fit easily in my phone case and stays in place 99% of the time. The only time the magnet has needed to be adjusted is when my 13 month son throws my phone on the floor and it jars the magnet. The airvent mount fits on both of my airvents - one of which is a horizontal design and the other is a vertical design. It doesn't fall out (even when my wife slams the brakes) but it could be a little tighter on the vent. Once you put the magnet up to the mount, it is solid. It does not slide, fall, or twist. Having them on the airvent keeps it right in my view without being too distracting.

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