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The Most Immersive Musical Experience Possible

After wearing the NoiseHush i9 Noise Cancelling Headphones for the first time, you'll never want to take them off! Crystal clear quality delivers opulent sound through these first-rate headphones. These headphones feature an optionally wireless design with profound Bluetooth connectivity capabilities and a conveniently built-in rechargeable battery. Just want a moment of silence? These headphones work wonders as they use NoiseHush Technology to deliver almost total silence. The built in microphone also comes with Noise Isolation Technology which cuts out ambient noise, making sure that what you’re saying is coming out just as clearly as what you’re hearing inside these superb headphones. Even after your battery is dead, these headphones continue to work with the use of the extremely durable braided auxiliary cable. This headset also includes gold plated airplane and stereo jacks. The benefit of gold jacks is that they are the highest standard in conductivity, providing the most crisp, clear, anti-corrosive connection to your device. Appreciate acoustic accuracy with the full-spectrum circuitry or simply sit in peaceful silence and take advantage of spectacular active noise-canceling properties. Auditory Excellence!

Active Noise Cancelling

Music/Talk Playtime

Rechargeable Battery

Become One with Your Music

The NoiseHush i9 headphones deliver the most immersive music listening experience. NoiseHush Technology coupled with 40mm Neodymium driver units removes almost all of that unwanted ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy that crisp, clear, high definition sound; placing you completely in the moment, managing both your work and play.

Superior Battery Life

Works for a whopping 15 hours using only Bluetooth, 30 hours using only noise cancelling, and 12 hours using both Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling.

Soft as a Pillow, Professional as a Briefcase

The sleek professional design of the NoiseHush i9 Headphones are sure to give off the right vibe in a business setting, walking down the street, or travelling across the country. This coupled with extreme comfort from over ear memory foam cups with genuine, cooling leather make the NoiseHush i9 Headphones a force to be reckoned with. This headset keeps you looking as professional as possible, while keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Latest Bluetooth 4.1 Technology

Compatible with any Bluetooth device! Connections are crystal clear and pairing is effortless so you can stream music or take calls with ease.

Monitor The Battery on Your iPhone

The NoiseHush i9 Headphones battery can be monitored on your iPhone! When connected to Bluetooth, a battery monitor shows up showing how much power you have left in your headphones. This conveniently takes the guess-work out of how much battery your device has left!

Three Ways to Enjoy

With the NoiseHush i9 Headphones there are three ways to enjoy your device. Listening wirelessly using the Bluetooth connection, listening using the durable protective braided auxiliary cable for devices that don’t have Bluetooth functionality, and simply using them by themselves for just the noise cancelling capability to get a moment of silence.

Gold Plated for Crisp, Clear Sound

The NoiseHush i9 Headphones come with a gold plated stereo and airplane jacks, giving them increased connectivity between your devices and the headphones. Gold plated connections are the highest quality conductors creating the highest quality sound possible. Crisp, clear communication between your devices allows you to enjoy your use even more!

Take it Anywhere, Anytime

The NoiseHush i9 Headphones are the most portable name in noise cancelling headphone technology. They are lightweight and come with a hard travel case that is both durable and protective to keep your investment safe. A gold plated airplane adapter and stereo jack give increased connectivity and allow you to use your headphones in the air, at home in your stereo, or anywhere else you might go.


• i9BT Wireless Active Noise Cancelling
• Detachable Aux Cable
• Micro USB Charging Cable
• 1/4” Jack & Airline Adapters
• Hard Shell Case

The Most Immersive Musical Experience Possible

The NoiseHush i9 Headphones produce crisp, clear high definition sound.


Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

Hands-Free Microphone

Multipoint Connection

iOS Battery Indicator

40mm Neodymium Drivers

Adjustable Headband

Swivel Ear Cups

Genuine Leather Ear Cups

High-Density Memory Foam

Rubberized Soft-Touch

Batteries Can't Stop It!

Device continues to work even after battery is depleted.

Extreme Comfort

Over ear headphones, coupled with premium memory foam & genuine leather earcups and ear band are breathable and cooling, making you feel like you’re on a cloud.

Finally Get Some Silence

NoiseHush Technology feature an unprecedented noise cancellation rate.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
John Wilson
Customer review

I loved the Naztech i9 so much that I ended up getting a second one for my wife! They will come in handy when we go flying soon thanks to the noise cancellation technology great product! Sound is great.

Mark Goldwyn
Customer review

The sound quality is crisp and enjoyable, trust me when I say the noise cancelling version is worth the extra money. If you're a fan of softer music like score or jazz and hate that you can't listen to it well in public, that mode helps quite well with it. The design is comfortable and fits snugly on the head. The ear padding is fairly well set and actually feels like it breathes a little, so not a lot of worry for sweat from that area. Headband is snug, and the entire structure of it feels sturdy. Sure, it doesn't bend, but the rotating cuffs work well also. Just take note that because of the design, you may not even need to turn on the sound cancelling to even mute outside noise. The design naturally does a little of that already, so the sound cancelling is a little bit extra.

Phyllis Marie
Customer review

These are a fantastic set of headphones and have earned their 5-stars from me. I bought another product from Naztech and had to get in touch with their customer support and was very pleased. I will buy from Naztech in the future.

Robert Lawrence
Customer review

I bought these headphones about 2 months ago. I absolutely loved them. The active noise cancelling is amazing. You can really tell the difference when you turn it on. They synced no problem with both of my phones, and the buttons to control the volume or stop and play the music work great with my phone and Amazon music and the Relax Melodies app.

Quenton Reid
Customer review

This product is on par with big brand names (and I have used several of them including Bose and Dr. Beats for over 6 months). It works just fine with cellphones and tablets. When turned on, it automatically connects to my cellphone every time after the initial set up. Voice quality for phone conversations is good; people at the other end could easily hear me. Wired connection is good as well.

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