Lighted Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable with Capacitive Touch Control

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Lighted Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable with Capacitive Touch Control

It is hard to find the little ports on your device in the dark without a frustrating game of hide and seek. The Lighted Micro USB Cable is an ingenious solution for this problem. Naztech has taken a durable high-speed cable and upgraded it with a white LED light built right into the center of the connector! No more fumbling in the dark! The button-free capacitive touch control responds instantly to touch, activating the LED to light the way to a quick and easy plug-in. No Lights? No Problem.

Bright White LED Light

Charge and Sync

Tangle-Free Flat Cable

No Lights? No Problem!

Quickly and easily plug into your charging port. The connector has a bright white LED light that activates with a touch thanks to the precision engineering of a button-free capacitive touch control.

Capacitive Touch Control

Its unique LED light operates by touch control, conveniently allowing you to find your charging port in the dark or in any low-light conditions.

Proven Strength, Clever Design, Great Looks

These cables come in an array of 6 vibrant color options to fit your personal style and mood.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
William Coy
Customer review

This lighting cable suprised me at first because I though it was going to be a cheap made quality ,turn out it's not lol it feels super heavy duty and the led oh my gosh the LEDs are so bright, I'd recommend this to anyone , it was so good I bought two for a family member

Majorie Bulger
Customer review

I saw a friend's micro USB with a LED at the end while riding in his car. I found it interesting, so I searched Amazon for a similar item and found this Naztech micro USB cable and ordered one. Once I got it, I tired it with my iPhone (in its Mophie Air case), my tablet, and other devices that used micro USB connection. They all charged without a problem unlike other cables I've bought. This Naztech cable is longer than the usual 3 feet which make it convenient while using devices in bed and not have to worry about reach. I liked it so much that I ordered 1 more for the car. Not sure what issues others may have had but it works well for me .

Randall Ford
Customer review

Why have I been suffering in the dark for so long? Breaking my micro usb's, fumbling in the night trying to plug my phone in without turning on the light. This is a great cord for me because when the lights are out I can plug my phone in no problem. The light turns on with your touch and turns off when you let go. Perfect. The led is bright and I can insert the plug correctly every time. Got it in just a few days after ordering. Oh, and plus it's long. So if I'm trolling ifunny or FaceBook in bed I don't rip the cord out of the wall.

Lori Ann Doodle
Customer review

I have been through many cables as the silly micro USB connector is so frail !! I wish the engineers would come up with a more robust compact connection. My search was for a replacement cable that might last more than 6 months. This one looked good. The addition of the light makes it awesome. The packaging is super nice. Very impressive.

Patricia Ann
Customer review

Great item. The built in light is especially helpful! It is bright and helps in plugging your phone in at night!

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