Inoben Termination Letter

August 30, 2017
Inoben aka.,
Attn: Mr. Alireza Dabiri
Tehran Province, Tehran,
District 6, No.2, Gilan Building,
Gilan Street, Valiasr Street, Tehran-Iran, Iran

Cancellation of Distributor Agreement Contract

To Whom it May Concern:
This is to bring to your notice that Hypercel Corporation is hereby cancelling the distribution contract with Inoben AKA. Naztech Iran/, Hypercel Iran/ effective immediately. Per the terms of the contract, Inoben was to be our authorized distributor and would only distribute and sell Hypercel authorized products.

Our market researchers have recently found that Inoben is not adhering to the terms of the contract and has been selling counterfeit products using our Hypercel exclusive names, trademarks, and brands. As a result, we are wholly and completely terminating our distribution contract.

As of today, Inoben is no longer authorized to distribute Hypercel products. Inoben must immediately cease selling all Hypercel products and any and all use of associated names, logos, trademarks, and branding for Hypercel and Naztech.

Any unauthorized sale of Naztech and Hypercel products, or use of the brand name, logo, trademarks, and any implied associations ,will constitute fraud and trademark violations for which Inoben and any associated factories and manufacturers will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Best Regards,
David Nazar



Sold Out