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Experience Next-Level Sound!

The SoundBrick shatters expectations, providing massive studio-quality sound with deeper bass levels than you’d ever expect from a portable wireless speaker. Do everything from stream your music to take hands-free calls from any Bluetooth-enabled audio device. This fully loaded 30-watt speaker is engineered for superior performance with 5 Dynamic Drivers, 2 Passive Bass Radiators, 2 Acoustic Tweeters, 1 Powerful Subwoofer, and Anti-Distortion Circuitry. Enjoy the freedom of wireless living! With 16 hours of playtime on a single charge, you’ll never miss a call or a beat! Thanks to a rugged IPX6 shock, dust, splash, and weather-proof exterior, this compact sound system is perfectly portable and always ready to bring party-level volumes to any adventure. Whether you rock it indoors or outdoors, this speaker is built brick-solid to Let your Music Break Free!


Weather Resistant

Quick Connect

Perfect for Active Lifestyles & Outdoor Enthusiasts

It’s not portable if you’re always looking for an outlet. Leave the charger at home and travel light. The 6600mAh battery provides up to 16 hours of wireless playtime on a single charge, so you can rock party-level volumes all day!

Crank it Up All the Way!

Fill any room or entertain outdoors at the beach, park, pool, boat, backyard, or campground. The SoundBrick has Anti-Distortion Circuitry, which can withstand heart-pounding audio levels.

Brick-Solid Construction

With its rugged design and heavy-duty build, the SoundBrick is the perfect travel-friendly sound system. From the tabletop to the beach, the SoundBrick can integrate music into every corner of your life.

Hands-Free Calling

Touch-friendly controls let you take and make calls with the push of a button. The noise-cancelling microphone allows your voice to come through clearly while blocking out background noises for excellent call quality.

Your Music. Anytime. Anywhere.

Wirelessly connect with any Bluetooth device in a 30-foot range to stream music or take calls. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Technology, connections are crystal clear and pairing is effortless. NFC-enabled devices can also enjoy instant pairing.

Flexible Compatibility

Unlike other portable speakers that only play via Bluetooth, you can use the included 3.5mm auxiliary cable to connect your SoundBrick to other audio sources including non-Bluetooth devices.


• SoundBrick Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker
• 3.5mm Stereo Cable
• Micro USB Charging Cable

Engineered for High-Fidelity Sound

Enjoy studio-quality sound with precision bass and clear acoustic reproduction. This fully-loaded 30-Watt speaker has
5 Dynamic Drivers, 2 Passive Bass Radiators, 2 Acoustic Tweeters, and 1 Powerful Subwoofer.

Quick Connect

Non-Stop Music

Speaker Power

6600 mAh Battery

Built-In Microphone

Shock Proof

Weather Resistant

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Dino Cera
Customer review

Like many of you, I am very pleased with the excellent sound quality derived from this small unit. Lite weight, and really easy to setup and use. Love the NFC functionality and superior volume control. I is great to not have to set my Bluetooth volume maximum and hope I can hear the music 30 feet away.

Myrtle Boles
Customer review

We need an easy to use portable yet affordable Bluetooth speaker without to worrying our 7year old would ruin it as she enjoys music in her room from thre iPad. This is super easy and fast to connect to any of our Bluetooth devices. It's easy to use with simple basic buttons on the Unit itself And its consistently connected with all on the first try during the last few weeks since purchased unlike some other Bluetooth devices we've had in the past. The sound is good for its size however it isn't quite as loud as we would like for those rare times we do want more sound. As for playtime from a charge we've not gotten a good idea as we've always plugged it right back up after using an hour or two. But it's Quick to hit a full charge and plays perfectly while charging too. It's not lightweight thou not heavy. We appreciate the good weight to it as it makes it feel higher quality without being bulky or heavy. It's just been a handy extra Bluetooth speaker that we've enjoyed in every aspect.

Tosha Kay
Customer review

Connecting this up was about as simple as it gets for blue-tooth: Just plug it in to charge, turn on the BT on your phone, and flip the power switch on the speaker. It immediately started paring (no code needed) and I was playing music within a minute. Distance maxed out at about 40 ft with walls between using my Samsung Galaxy S4. Beyond that, BT began having connection problems. NOTE: The phone plays a significant role in BT communication so your experience may be better or worse. But 40 ft is plenty for me.

Walter Roy
Customer review

This little speaker is quite good for a small, inexpensive little guy. You can't discern a row of violins or the specific resonance of a Marshall cabinet, yet for small ensembles and in particular the spoken word (talk radio), it's likely that for many it might be all you need. I only use the wired connection because even the latest generation of Bluetooth is relatively primitive sounding(IMO). With rechargeables, the more charge cycles in the beginning the better, probably might squeeze another hour out of her when the battery gets fully saturated. The amounts of different colors offered you can have a separate speaker for every day of the week, then special color coordination's on holidays. It's a keeper!

James Earl
Customer review

This was a Christmas gift for my niece. She pulled it out of the box Christmas morning and we used it till late in the evening--ten hours battery life and then some and it was already charged right from the box. Everyone in our family was flat out amazed that such a small speaker box puts out such amazing sound...even the bass was unbelievable. I imagine that if we had placed in a corner the bass would have been even more incredible.

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